Monday, February 28, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 8 - Monday

Day 8

morning pulse 54, waist 41 7/8"

6am- Fittek - 60m @ 133, run 45, walk 15

ARMW= 227lb

breakfast- 1 egg, 1.5 toast, 1 banana,1c v-8, 1.5c milk

lunch- cliff bar

5:15pm-Fittek- 35m @ 111/135, 15 run easy@120hr, 20m weights, high reps low weights

supper- 2 chicken, 1c rice, .75c sg sauce,1c v-8, peanut m&m's.

Total calories 1715
95 min
5.8 miles
820 calories burn

Sunday, February 27, 2011

30 in 60 - Summary week 1


Total calories eating = 12,170
exercise time = 13 h 38 mins (that's alot for me, as a result of better weekend weather)
calories burn by exercise = 7,339
miles run/walk = 50.6

lbs lost: 236-229 = 7 lbs (I know a few lbs are water weight lost and I will not keep up this much actual weight lost)

lbs lost by calulation:
weight 230lb x 15 cal/lb x 7 days = -24,150 cal burn just doing regular stuff, the 15 calories/lb may be too high, just a general figure I read somewhere.
+ -7,339 burn
+12,170 calories eating =
-19,319 calorie deficit / 3500 calorie per lb = 5.5 lbs lost

Very good first week, feel positive.
Must be carefull to not run too much as to injure by left ankle and right knee menisnus.
My exercise is getting easier at same heartrates.
I need to eat 1 apple at night , not so much peanut M&m's.

30 in 60 - Day 7 - Sunday - end of week 1

Day 7 - Sunday

6:30am - morning pulse 48, waist 41 7/8"

8am - hike 10 mile clinton lake trail w/ tom r. in 2h 48 @123hr/160 max, started real easy,last 5 miles faster, ran a litle, felt good, trail good shape, soft but not too muddy. 40 cloudy.

11:30am ate breakfast at farmer city cafe, 2 eggs, 2 toast, 2c oj, water-tasted real good

ARMW after breakfast= 230

2:15pm - 2.5 miles at fittek, 2 miles tempo effert at 22:26/155hr av. 12m@5mph,9:26m@5.5mph, 1m@6mph, walk rest. NB road shoes, felt better in shoes after got going.

ARW = 229 lbs

4pm - 1 luna bar

5pm- 2 chicken, 1c rice, .5 c spag sauce, 2c v-8 juice, peanut m&m's

Total calories = 1790
12.5 miles
3h 24 min
burn 1810 calories

Saturday, February 26, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 6

Day 6

moring pulse 47, waist 42"
8am- fittek 2 hours total, walk 20, run 70, weights/core 30. good, sweat alot.
ARMW- 229 lbs.
breakfast-2 toast w/ butter, 2 egg beaters ,1 c v-8, 1.5c milk
lunch - 1 cliff bar
noon- walk dogs at river bend around shadow lake, nice - 58 mins
5pm- run 1.2 miles in NB road, walk .3 , 21 mins
supper - 6 oz chicken/beef, 1c rice, .5 c spag sauce, 1c v-8, handfull peanut m&m.

Total calories = 1730
3 hr 19 min exercise
11 miles
burn 1700 calories

Friday, February 25, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 5

Day 5

morning pulse 48, waist 42", belt more comfortable

6am- wet snow on ground, go to Fittek, r/w 45 mins, 32 run at 129hr good easy pace, felt good, faster than normal at same effort

ARMW= 232 lbs

breakfast-egg, toast,oj,milk, banana

lunch- 1 luna bar

5pm- no run tonight, run more Sat or Sun

supper- 3 piece roasted chicken, rice, spag sauce, 1 c v-8, 2 handfull peanut m&m.

Total calories = 1755
3.5 miles
45 mins
362 calories

observation: woke up this morning feeling good, I could almost feel my heartrate would be less. I've been staying up later (10pm) and sleeping better (5am), I think because I'm not eating as much and so my digestion is not working as much. running today was noticeably faster as same efforts, and this I know from past diets is a good indicator, its working....I'll know better after this weekend runs and what my weight will be Monday morning.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 4

Day 4

morning pulse 52, sleeping better, back ok

6am - actually ran outside in NB 100, tanui trail loop 4 miles, felt ok 138 hr, walk 5, run 45, walk 6


breakfast- egg, 2 toast, banana, 1.5c milk,1 oj + fiber supplement

lunch- 1 clif bar

5pm- 1st outside run in NB trail minimus -tergat trail loop, 2miles, run 1.7 21mins @141/153...then walk last .3 on bike path..almost did not run, felt good, love the shoes, felt very much like barefoot but protects over rocks. not much mud, ground nice and soft.

supper- 2 fish, 1c rice, 3/4c spag. sauce, 1c v-8 juice, handfull peant m&m's.

1715 calories eating
82 mins
6 miles
844 calories burn

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 3

Day 3

morning pulse of 52, Mon was 50, Tues was 55

6am- Fittek - 60 mins @126/163 max. 45 m run w/ 10x1minx10% incline, 1 min walking rest, 15m walk...tough session, felt a little weak in legs but expected.

ARMW = 233 lbs, waist = 42.5"

breafast- egg, banana, 2 toast, 1.5c milk, 1c oj, fiber supplement mix

lunch- 1 Luna bar...these are good with water

5:10pm- Fittek - 40 mins, 15 walk/run + 25 weights, 10 x 170 lbs on glute machine. back better since stopped back extensions, just doing ab planks

supper-2 fish, 1/2c rice , 1/2c spag. sauce, left-over popcorn(it was there going to waste),handfull m&m's.

Total calories = 1780
5.3 miles
burn 770 calories
100 mins exercise

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 2

Day 2

6am-60 mins on treadmill @ 128/156hr, run 45, walk 15, 542 calories burn.
ARMW = 234 lbs, wasit = 43"

breakfast - 1 banana
2 toast w/ butter
1.5cup milk w/choc
fiber supplement w/ water

lunch- 1 protein bar

5:15pm - Fittek 30 mins run 27/walk 3 at 138 av hr/148max-felt pretty good pace, almost did not go but glad I did, 311 calories.
ran in NB trail minimus both runs, foot/knee good

2 c rice w/1.5 c spag sauce
3 piece fish
handfull m&m's

1700 calories eating
6.3 miles run/walk
853 cal burn
90 mins exercise

observation: at lunch then after felt hungry but strong/light...ran good in pm, reminds me how mch better I felt with eating very little during the day. worked during lunch keeps me busy, drank 2 bottles full of water during day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 1 - Monday

Day 1 - Monday

6am - run/walk 4.5 miles on bike path and grass trais, 63 mins @ 139av hr/158 max
667 calories.
ARMW = 236 lbs.

3 cups milk w/ 2 scoop choc. mix
2 whole wheat toast with butter spread

Lunch- 1 clif bar

5pm - Fittek gym = 35 mins @ 127hr w/ weights run/walk 1.5 miles. 333 cal burn

supper - 1 cup whole wheat rice, 6 oz lean beef, 1.5 cup V-8 fusion
handfull of peanut m&m's

1700 total calories eating
98 mins exercise
burn 1000 calories
6 miles

Bodyweight issues - I'm Obese!!

For the past 30+ years I 've had weight issues.

I'm simply too heavy to run well and race up to my abilities. I first gained about 30 lbs in 1990...I blame myself, the stress of life, 2 young kids, first year as an architect, working a lot, financial stresses, all common things for most people. So, I ate alot, alot of comfort food.

From 1981 to 1989 I was 155 to 165 lbs. I ran 8-10 miles a day.

In 1990, I was reduced to many days of no running....a standard diet was cearal in the morning, then pizza at work, then a big meal at night. My weight was up to 195-200.

For the next 13 years, it stayed about that and my running was consistent about 50 miles a week. Ocassionally, I would lose down to 187-190 in the summer, but quickly go back up to 200 and sometimes higher until I reached 214 in March 2003. I had to do something.

I was able to get in a UI diet study for men. It was a 8 week study and I was in a group that ate 19 servings of food for 1700 calories. I lost 33 lbs down to 182. It was the easier diet I ever did. My waist when from 40" to 34". My chorestrol when from 246 to 165.

Gradually, I gained it back by returning to my huge eating habits. Then, in 2005, I hurt my knee and I had to stop running for awhile, almost 1 1/2 years+. By 2006, I weighted in the 230's and when on a juice fast diet, where I lost 47lbs in 30 days. It was an interesting experience and learned alot about my body. But, again, I slowly returned to my old habits and by weight returned to the 230's, getting as high as get the picture, I have an issue.

So that leads me to now, at 236 lbs, my feet and knees are better than ever, but my health is effected by being this heavy. I want to lose weight, I know how to do it, but it will take a honest full committment that means a lifestyle change forever. Here is what I know I need to do:
1. eat 1700 calories a day of good balanced moderate diet w/ less fat and sugar.
2. no fast food, zero, none...I am addicted to fast food and like an alcholic, I can not eat just one slice of pizza, or one scoop of ice cream or one hamburger, etc, etc.
3. it will take about 2-3 weeks to transition to feeling strong again, so I must endure a weaker time.
4. weight myself every morning.
5. record everything, including pulse while training.
6. burn 800 calories a day on average thru exercise (this has never been a problem)

So this has lead me to 30 in 60 (30lbs in 60 days).....Day 1 was today.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Boston Marathon qualification standards

go to for full details but the boston marathon are giving the fastest runners an early chance to enter, also the standards are getting tougher....for someone who trained and raced to try for BM qualifier in the late 1970's this new standard is great, it returns the race for what it should be a "regular" runners olympics and gives the fastest runners an edge over slower runners in getting in. I never made the qualifer, only ran 3:07 as a 21 year old. My brother made it as a masters running 3:09 at age 40.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Living in the Past: Jan 22 thru Feb 11, 1978

1/22 thru 2/11/78

1/22/78-sun-5Measy, achilles tendon stiff, heel swollen, posterior tendon sore
1/23/78-mon-17-18miles,am-3easy;noon-7-8miles walk/run some;pm-8,tired at first,then felt great, left at/post tendon sore swollen
1/24/78-tue-11M,am-3tired;pm-8M w/4 x half mile+/- fast runs in wet slush 4:20,3:25,2:35,3:40, felt good, distances not right
1/25/78-wed-12M,am-3miles;pm-9M,snow blizzard, great easy,fun,light, no cars anywhere to be seen
1/26/78-thur-11M,am-3mi,windy,-2degrees,-35windchill;pm-8M on icey roads, no cars,esast great run in parts of 2-6'snow drifts,almost no feeling in legs
1/27/78-fri-5m,am-2 easy;pm3easy on icey roads, no cars, zero effort
1/28/78-sat-18miles,am-15miles,2h5min, good strong easy long run;pm-3 easy,hard to believe how easy it was......pulse 42

week totals= 73 miles w/ 2.65miles pace runs

1/29/78-sun-7 M, noon-4 easy, hard to hold back;pm-3miles again strong,light, pulse46
1/30/78-mon-13.5miles,am-2.7M,to school easy ran w/pack;noon-2.7 back home;pm-8M,easy, strong, light wanted to go faster
1/31/78-tue-11.5M,am-3 easy,streets clear;pm8.5M w/2x1/4,4x1/2 in 1:25,1:30,3:00,3:10,3:15,3:00,ran hard, tired at end but good workout

Jan totals = 322 miles, no races, 6.59pace miles = 2% speed...293 days in row.

2/1/78-wed-15miles,am-3miles,easy;noon-4M to school/back,walk some;pm-8M,snow slight tired, a little stiff, pulse 44
2/2/78-thur-12M,am-3M, tired but urge to go fast;pm-9M, ice/slush, easy slow
2/3/78-fri-4M,am-1M easy/rushed;pm-3M tired
2/4/78-sat-17Miles,am-15miles,2h,4min,tired at start,got better as go, last 5M fast strong,no tightness;pm-2miles fast,easy - feel in great shape.

week totals= 80 miles 2.8 miles pace = 3.5% miles as speed
2/5/78-sun-7M,am-2 easy;pm-5 easy, left ankle sore
2/6/78-mon-8miles,am-3 tired;pm-5 easy, slow no zip
2/7/78-tue-16miles,am-8miles, easy strong, l. ankle sore, slipping/slidin';pm-8M-great run w/ 5x1/2(-) in 2:45, 3:30,2:45, 2:40,2:35, 2x1/4 in 1:28,1:30, ankle ok
2/8/78-wed-9M,am-3 easy, new shoes;pm-6M easy, thighs abit sore
2/9/78-thur-17M,am-9miles(76mins)easy;pm-8M (68mins) tired at start to easy at end
2/10/78-fri-4M,am-2;pm-2 easy but blah!! today, don't have it today, pulse 47 in am
2/11/78-sat-20M in am,2h 43mins, felt super easy, strong, knees a bit stiff, this run surprised me how easy it was. planned 17 but felt good so kept going.

week total= 81 miles 3.2 pace