Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 3 and 4 - Hot, Humid and Speedwork

Day 3- Wednesday
Am- only 50 mins...weak and sweating all the time...I've lost too much weight too soon. I may have to eat a bit more.

10-noon- 2 hour walking tour of some of our buildings at work, got weak so I went to eat lunch....sweat alot

PM- no run, went to clinton lake w/ friends. debbie skied, me lie in boat and tubed one time, nice smooth water, but water very warm. feel better.

Day 4- thursday
AM- 60 mins on bike path, run 2 x 1.7miles at 10:15-10:30pace
PM- 60 mins at Fittek warm-up then 8 x 400 meters at 9min pace (2:15) w/ 2 min rest between....felt good...I need to do this outside but decided it was just too hot.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 3- leg speed

Tuesday 7-19 = 8 miles-medium day
HOT, humid sunny day until late when clouds helped, so not as bad
AM- 4.8 mile run/walk at 133/153 in 60 mins, ran less, got weak, tired
PM-2 miles tergat loop, run 1 mile very easy in 12:30@124HR plus stopped at 1.5M to do 10 x100meters in 27-32 seconds, 2 uphill, 2 down, 4 flat, 2 on bike path, all with 90sec walk recovery in between
eating - 1700 calories
legs felt pretty good, ran 90% normal, will see how l. foot feels

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 2 - new challenge

Monnday 7-18 = 6.6 miles-easy day
HOT, humid day up to 93deg heat index, but cloudy, so not as bad
AM- 4.6 mile run/walk at 123/147 in 60 mins
PM-2 miles tergat loop, run 1 mile in 10:47@138/151 max
eating - 1665 calories
a little weak but not as much as yesterday. sweating alot.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 1- new challenge

sunday 7-17
HOT, humid day up to 103 deg heat index
AM- run/walk 5.2 miles mostly walk, a bit more tired, heavy legged than I thought, 75 mins
PM-2 miles trail, run 1 mile in 10:48@138/148 max
eating - 1550 calories
felt weaky but lighter..I have the feeling in my stomach that i'll wake up feeling hunger pains but that'a what I need to feel

New Challenge

Yesterday, I ran a 5k road race for the first time in 8 years (2003). My time was 29:07 (9:22 pace). I ran as hard as I could but could not go any faster. My leg turnover was just slow.
I'm in good shape, fitness wise because my average heartrate was only 158, compared to 171 in 2003. My mile splits were consistent: 9:17@152hr, 9:26@158hr, 9:24@162, then .1Mile in max was 186 at end so that was good.

When I got back I went to Fittek to workout and ran 2 easy miles at 12:30 pace and I felt recovered, then did 20 mins of weights and 100 abs.

This race time was, if honest to myself was about what I thought I would run. Of course I wanted to run 27-28 but my leg speed just is not there.

So what to do now. Here it is: my challenge to myself is to run under 28 mins in 5 weeks at our local Mahomet 5K race on August 20...AND...lose another 20 lbs. I can do this, I have done it before.

Here's my plan:
Eating: daily = 1550 calories every day for 5 weeks
breakfast: 1 egg, 2toastw/butter, 2c milk, 1 banana = 610 calories
lunch: 1 cliff bar = 250 cal
supper: 4oz meat,2c pasta, .5c spag sauce, 1c juice+2oz vemma(liquid vegs), 1 apple = 695 cal

Running: key workouts to increase my speed
week 1 - 8x 400m @2:15 goal pace & 10 x 100meters in 28sec
week 2 - 5 x 800m @ 4:30 pace & 10 x 100m in 28 sec
week 3 - 8 x .1Mile in 48s & 2miles in 17:55 time trial
week 4 - 10 x 100m in 28 sec & 2 x 1 mile in 9:00 pace
week 5 - 5 x .1mile in 48s & 5K goal race

My other days are same as usual, 60mins easy pace w/ walk breaks. I need to take my Thursday runs a little slower. I plan to keep the 2 hour long run on weekends, thou, of course with walking breaks.

All total about 50 miles running/walking.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Training - week summary 7/3 thru 7/9/11

7/3 thru 7/9/11

week totals: 57.8 miles/41.3 run
700mins = 11h 40min
461 mins run
46mins over 148HR= 6.5% overall/10% of running

9am-10miles, clinton lake trail 2:08@141av/157max, 38m over 148hr
7pm- walk 1 mile with dogs

7:15am-6miles home-bikepath out/back 70:30@124/140
4:30pm-3.1 mile komen trail loop 3:53@118/143
7:30pm-walk 1.2miles w/dogs

6am-5.2miles trails 61@125/147
5:30pm-3.3miles at fittek treadmill for speedwork, walk 5m,run 1miles 10:24@124+ 8x1min at 7.1 to 7.7mph pace + weights & abs, 49mins @ 113/150

6am-62.32@129/142 home-komen-home,all run
7.30pm-walk 1 mile w/ dogs, saw 2 fox at high school woods

7/7-thursday=5.1 miles/3.8run
6am-60mins bikepath out/back w/ chris-2x1.7mile tempo runs down to 9:24 pace
pm- nothing, tired

6am-60m@118/137 trail+bike path
7.30pm-walk 1 mile w/ dogs

8am-10.02miles-trails & fittek + 20mins weights & abs
7pm- walk 1mile w/dogs...saw the same 2 fox

very hot/humid summer week

Friday, July 8, 2011

Speedwork - Tuesday July 5, 2011

When healthy, I like a little speedwork, especially short bursts under 200 meters, so I've been doing 8 x 1 min with 1 min walk rest in between for the last few weeks. Today was the following:

6am- 61 mins trail run at 125 av/147 45mins, walk 15 , about 5.2miles. I ran as hard as I wanted. medium effort even though hr does not show it. very wet grass/dew.

5:30pm- at Fittek 49 mins total
warmup walk 5 mins then 1 mile in 10:26 at 124 av hr then
8 x 1 min fast at 7.1mph, 7.2, 7.3,7.4,7.5,7.6,7.7,7.5 all w/ 1 min walk rest at 4mph pace, cooldown 5 mins = 3.3 miles + 20 mins weights & 100 abs.

total = 8.5 miles

Monday, July 4, 2011

Clinton Lake trail and 2011-half year summary

July 3, 2011

Half year summary:

As I finished the last week of June I totaled up 1214 miles so far this year w/ 782 running miles. I am feeling like a runner for the first time in about 5-6 years. I can not relatively pain free.

Clinton Lake trail
On sunday morning I ran this trail with my son Jason. the trail is a tough hily trail but fun and beutiful run around a lake. usually in the summer the trail is over grown and bug infested but this year its being maintained in a nice wide state, so we decided to run it. last april 2 I ran it in 2:18 at 137hr av/157 max. w/ 11mins over 148hr. temp was 35-65 degrees, very nice weather.

This year it was 75-85 degrees w/94 HI(heat index) 70 dew pt. in summary hot/humid. I ran 2:08 in 140hr av/157 max w/ 37mins over my aerobic rate of 148. I walked the first 5mins then ran/walked as I felt. Jason ran the last 3 miles faster ending up under 2 hours.

I was pleased. my heartbeats per mile was 1805. compare this to my times in 2003:
11/27-1:55 at 150 =1718
11/2-1:58 at 143 = 1687
12/14-4:44 at 136 = 1931 (20M)
12/24-4:06 at 137=1685 (20)

I think when fall cooler weather comes along I might be able to go under 2 hours again w/o killing myself....IF??....I can do that and feel good I know I'm getting the point of being in good shape again.