Saturday, January 7, 2012

RiddleRun 13

I still love to run and that's why I started this race/run/event in the first place. So after year 12 (last year) of having "Not the Riddle Run", put on by my son, this is the call for entry's for RiddleRun 13.

Read below for important information before accepting entry into this event.
Just email me ( your request to enter so my wife has a list for the cupcakes. See you there, Jeff.
RiddleRun 13
13th Annual Mahomet Trail 12+ Mile Run and 28+ Mile UltraMarathon Fun-Run

Race motto: "A man must love a thing very much if he not only practices it without any hope of fame and money, but even practices it without any hope of doing it well."
- G. K. Chesterton

When: 8:05AM sharp!! (according to my watch) on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012

Where: Mahomet Trails, aka, Buffalo Trace Trails, Mahomet, IL. (start/finish at parking lot at far west end of bike path at LOW park - go thru Mahomet on State St. past high school, turn right (north), go ½ mile over I-74 to bike path sign). Mahomet is located at the intersection of I-74 and Highway 47 , exit 172. If you can't find the start line, you'll never finish the course.

Entry Fee: $0.00

Qualifications: (PLEASE READ THE FAQ for you know what you are getting into.) Absolutely you must be low key and fun. You must not be a wimp, a whiner, or a complainer. You must not give excuses, die, get hurt or sue. If you are, or do, any of these things you will be disqualified and not eligible for any awards.

Awards: $1Million dollars (hey, if the government can create money out of thin year, why can't we!!) ......all you have to do is finish the race under the current world record for the marathon held by Patrick Makau (kenya) in 2hours 3 mins 38 seconds (that's 4:21 mile pace for 28,4 miles) addition, we do have a traveling trophy that the male and female winner get to keep, but not use, for a year.

Appearance Fees: None this year, unless you can convince me you deserve one.

Race History:
On Jan. 27, 2000 history was made as 12 runners actually showed up and started. Dave Brady ran 2:20 for the 12.16 mile w/ 4 finishers. Jeff Riddle ran/walked/crawled 8:40:32 for the 28.38 mile w/ 1 finisher. Norm and Joyce Yarger drove down from Northern Illinois. Tom Rice took pictures of the 2-5' snow drifts.

On Jan. 28, 2001 history was made again as race entrants doubled to 24 runners with Dave Scott taking the beginner 12.16 mile in 1:47:35 (course
record!!) with 18 finishers and 3 DNF. In a classic race to the death, Spencer Nelson shattered the previous course record for the advanced fun run of 28.38 miles running 4:40:50 (a 9:53 mile pace) with 2 other finishers in hot pursuit. 21 runners recorded "DNF's." No out of state runners showed.

On Jan. 26, 2002 history was made for the third time as 53 runners showed and 4 no shows took to the easy course with horrible winter weather of 55 degrees. With conditions like this 11 finished the 28.38 mile advanced run with 38 DNF's. Dave Scott smashed the course record with a 3:52:14, 8:11 mile pace!! A few out of state runners actually came this year.

On Jan. 25, 2003 history was made for the fourth time as a record-breaking crowd of 81 entered with 62 showing up. Dave Scott repeated as men's champ in 4:06 and Becky Dey and Kristi Bergman becoming the first ever female finishers, Becky winning in 5:45. 14 finished the advanced run, with only
48 DNF's. Bright sunshine and 9 degrees was enjoyed by most.

On Jan. 31, 2004 history was made for the fifth time as 53 of the 84 people signed up actually was brave/crazy enough to show up and run in the -10-degree sunny weather. Dave Scott again won for the 3rd time in a row in 4:28, as 12 finished the ultra of 28.38 miles. With Dave's win he reached "legendary status" and was presented a certificate from the race committee. 41 people left as DNF'd. The controversy of "is RiddleRun a real ultra" was put to rest as Dave Scott said this year's run was the toughest he had ever finished .

On Jan. 29, 2005, history was made for the sixth time as 80 of 107 people braved the icy surfaces and snow. A few people fell, and got bloody, and one brother of mine complained and whined, and thus very disqualified!! Jack Pierce, in spite of the conditions broke the course record in 3h 49m 27s. A record 22 people finished the full 28.38miles..Marla Luckey become the second female winner breaking the course record in 5:34...Bruce Winter shattered the record for slowest run ever in 4 days, 23 hours, 23 minutes and 45 seconds...yes you read correctly...see the FAQ.

On Jan. 28, 2006, history was made for the seventh time as 79 cupcakes made and all enjoyed. Weather was bad - 40's, never rained much or got real windy, a pretty dull day weatherwise. This, I'm sure, caused the 20 no-shows of people that signed up. As it settled 68 started and 11 finished the fun run with 57 DNF's. Jeff Kelly at 3.48.34 was 1st male and Marla Luckey at 4.31.45 was 1st female, for 2nd year in a row, both course records. We enjoyed another Mark Daly production at the start with Lonesome Larry of 98.3 FM doing the national anthem, which included a perfect fly over performed by 10 geese!! I do not know how Mark arranged that, but it was great!!

On Jan 27, 2007, history was made for the eighth time as 70 starters braved very windy conditions of 20-25 mph and 28-33 degrees with patches of ice and snow. The conditions did not slow down Brett Graham (3:54) and Marla Luckey (4:28) who won for the 3rd year in a row, breaking her own course record. 14 finished the advanced fun run and 56 were DNF. Once again Mark Daly arranged to national anthem. It was so windy the fire never caught on.

On Jan 26, 2008, history was made for the ninth time in record fashion as a record102 entered with 93 starters in normal winter conditions. 105 cupcakes were made by my wife, without any help from me. 13 finished, including 5 first time ultra distance finishers. Matt Condron, 3:39:18 and Ellen Erhardt, 4:18 shattered course records. There were 80 DNF's , also a record. Chris Peacock won the first cupcake running 36:30 for his only loop, then eating his cupcake in 1.5 seconds. 1,289.49 miles were recorded.

On Jan 31, 2009, history was made for the tenth time as the following records were set: entrys 125, DNF's 127, cupcakes made by my wife 130, DQ's 2, starters 102. Rob Raquet-Shofield won his first RR in 4.56.42 and Becky Kaston also won her first in 5.32.01. Bruce Rodgers finished the first ever loop on crutches....conditions were average for the day at 5 degrees with sanded snow....Steve O'Connor and wife put up a soup usual I did nothing. My wife later made me a nice hardbound book of photo's and quotes from the race.

On Jan 30, 2010, history was made for the 11th time as the following records were set: 89 starters of 94 entrys. Matt Small won his first RR in 3.58.30 and Kristy Powell also won her first in 4:18 (which tied the course record!!) Conditions were average for the day at 25 degrees and some wind, pretty dull....Steve O'Connor and wife put up a soup usual I did nothing. 14 finshed the full distance with 2 people from Atlanta, Georgia running a marathon distance (they were doing the 50 marathons in 50 states).

On Jan 29, 2011, history was changed as "Not the RiddleRun" training run took place with 38 people (and 7 finshers) showing up to enjoy terrible nice weather to run. This low key publisized event came about after the RR race committee became stubbornly selfish and pouty, and refused to put on the event. The son of the RR race director became upset and so he put together this training run. Inspired by john f. kennedy and martin luther king an arousing pre-race speech set the runners took off with Brian Kuhn and Elloit Brinkman recording the fastest time of 4.57.58 and Andrea Stack 1st female in 5.37.08.

Weather: Coldest, Warm, Cold, very cold, very warm, COLD, all possible due to global cooling/warming/mother nature/GOD's plan/ whatever you want to believe, usually windy, record low about -25/-65 wind chill, record high about +55. Hope for snow with drifting of 5' possible.

Course: Very Easy - "Moses Tanui" loop course of 4.0544 miles on rolling grass and dirt cross country paths thru 260 acres of a conservation area, consisting of praireland, drainage ditches, bushes, trees, holes, no concrete, ruts, etc...this year more rocks and roots!!! If temp is above 32 there will be mud. You might fall; get dirty, bloody and wet. The course is easy to follow and will be marked, if I'm in the mood, (NOTE: I'VE NEVER BEEN IN THE MOOD) but you better be able to read a map, or you can run with someone for the first loop. You have the option to run the loop backwards after the first loop if you want. You can run the inner loop any direction you want. I found out the first year that white paint and white snow go together too well. **(for all you out there familiar w/ the "Ngugi" 5 mile loop, "Tanui" loop is same except turn right over the gravel culvert after about 2.3 miles instead of left up the hill)
NOTE: This past year 3 bridges were built at 3 ditch crossing so the course is even easier than ever.

Distances: 1 to 7 loops
12 +MILE RUN - 3 loops - (actual 12.1632) Again, please remember, this run is for "beginning" runners.
28+ MILE FUN-RUN - 7 loops - (actual 28.3808) This run is for advanced
runners and continues on for 4 more loops after the "beginner" 12 mile 3 loop run is completed.

Cutoff Time: Any time Saturday. But, it gets dark about 4:52 PM so you have 8h 47 min. to finish the Advanced Run before dark. That's about 18:33 pace per mile for the advanced runners. Note: I used to say no cutoff time but Bruce Winter took advantage of that one year...see the FAQ.

Aid: None - BYOA - (bring your own aid) each loop will go by your car in the parking lot. Be aware that water freezes when temps are below 32 (very likely). Bring your own water bottle. We will not have cups or volunteers -nobody's that crazy.

Timing: There will be a clipboard (in my car) for you to write down your name and time after each completed loop. As usual, try to write neat. I know your fingers may be frostbitten but it helps to be able to read your times. I would hate to disqualify you for unreadable times. Wear a watch to keep your own time....and keep the watch running, no stopping it at each aid stop. No one will be counting your loops for you.

Remember, cheaters never prosper!!

Facilities: None. (The park has a rest room and water fountain located 1/10 mile off the course on the east side of the loop, but it may be locked and water is usually turned off in the cold winter months).

Amenities: You have a chance to see herds of deer, fox, turkey, buffalo, possum, coyotes, wildcats (I think I saw one in 1986, really), rabbits, squirrels, dogs, snakes, skiers, hikers, skunks, and Tom Rice, our former award winning newsletter editor and AT section hiker.

Results: I will tabulate the results and may send them to CU- Buffalo list and second wind.

The Peacock Rule: "A runner, if signing up the race for 3 years in a row, and never even starting the race, will thereafter be disqualified from ever attending another Riddle Run event" (unless I give an exception)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How does your wife get the cream filling in the cupcake??
Several people has asked me that question....but, like they say, if I told I'd have to kill you.

2. Is this a real run??
Yes. Seriously, it is for real, but just don't get too serious about it.

3. Is the course accurate??
Yes!! If you do not believe me, you can measure it yourself.

4. Do I have to run all the loops??
No. Walking is allowed.

5. I mean, do I have to cover the entire 3 or 7 loop run to get a result listed??
I see what you mean. No, if you only do 1 or 5 loops just record your time and you will be in the results for time/distance, butyou will be designated, as "DNF" did not finish the full distance of 28.4miles.

6. The first year, I noticed that the run organizer was also the 28 mile winner??
Funny how you noticed that. I went as slow as I could but still no one went any faster.

7. I heard the weather was "good " the first year??
Yes, the stories from the people who were there get better and better as the years go by.

8. Will any famous runners be there??
Just many of the world famous Buffalo.

9. Someone told me the race was cancelled one year because of "bad" weather??
Serious consideration was given in 2002 when the temps were near 50 degree, but.. As they say " The race must go on!!"

10. Will there be a "previous champions dinner" the night before??
Maybe in year 10, if we all make it that far.....well we did and we did not.

11. Will there be a "past finishers dinner"??
We're checking but have not found a banquet hall large enough to handle this number of people.

12.Will there be an "expo" the day before with all sorts of vendors, speakers and give-aways??
We're checking but have not found a banquet hall large enough to handle this number of people.

13.Will there be any hot tubs, jacuzzi's or dancing girls or do we need to bring our own??
Spencer, your alive!!!, the race committee has spent many hours discussing and researching this issue and have determined this would be illegal aid, which means if you did this, you would be disqualified from any chance of a award.

14. Do heavyweights get 2 cupcakes??
No, Byroni, for the 8th year in a row, no!!

15. Will there be a Clydesdale division??
No, Byroni, for the 8th year in a row, no!!

16. Will Chris Peacock eat the first cupcake?? I hear Chris has been training all year eating cupcakes real fast, so NO, he will not eat the first cupcake this year.

17. Does Chris Byron have a chance to win this year??
No, is he even running??

18. Did Becky Kasten actually ever finish this race??
Yes, proudly in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

19. Is there a cutoff time??
I told Bruce Winter in 2005 there was no cut-off time and being the fast 5K runner Bruce is he told me he would finish sometime on Wednesday.

20. Rumors are surfacing about a book called "The Complete Truthful History of RiddleRun...the hard life and times of Past Riddle Run Champions" coming out soon?? NO

21.As the committee was sorting thru the race files of the past years, many interesting emails and storys have surfaced from RiddleRun, some true, some not so true.......the committee has hired a top-notch writer to try and sort thru them all, we'll see.?? RR race committee has implemented a hiring freeze so the top-notch writer could not be hired.

22. You are a mean guy for DNF'ing people for not going 7 loops when they never had any intention on finishing 7 is not fair, what are you going to do about it?? I will continue to be the mean cut throat guy that I have always been so please do not enter the race if you cannot handle the rules. You are taking this way too serious.

23. Can we change this year's race (2010) to the furlough classic?? No, If we did we would have to do it on a Friday or Monday.

24. We heard this race is world renowned, how can that be?? says the UI Men's media guide for Cross Country, just look it up.

25. Is it true that Illinois runner Angela Bizzari, 2009 NCAA women's cross country champion runs on the RR course?? Yes, while we cannot prove that training on the RR course made her the champion, it is true the NCAA champion ran on the RR course on a regular basis. PS: it should be noted that world cross counry champion Craig Virgin, also trained on the RR course in late 1970's.

More Info: Call Jeff at 586-5398 (evenings) or 244-3019(days).
Don't ask the park about the runs, they don't know anything about it yet.