Saturday, January 22, 2011

Living in the Past: Jan 15 thru 21, 1978

1/15 thru 1/21/1978

1/15/78 - Sun = 5 miles easy, 1/4 mile in 1:40 on ice, l. ham tight
1/16/78 - Mon = 11-12 miles, am-3miles (snowing, hard to run) snow harder mid-day. pm-8miles (park-1 foot snow!!) hard running but fun, felt great, aches in feet, 85 mins- 7" new snow, pulse 37
1/17/78 - Tue = 12 M, am 3 milessnow, sleet, 14" of snow total,slush too, pm-9miles, ice, hard slush, easy, no tireness felt like 5 min run instead of 78 mins, ran in street
1/18/78 - Wed = 9 miles, am 3 miles(felt like running in sand, feet twist aroud/slide, pm-6 miles easy, hard to run, cut run short
1/19/78-Thu =11 miles,am-57mins, 7 miles, main st. clear road fast some parts,pm-4 miles easy
1/20/78 - Fri= 6.5 miles, am-2 (fair, felt tired, maybe lazy,pm-4-4.5 ( ran on main st. clear, fast some felt good
1/21/78 - Sat = 14 miles, am 11-12 miles, 1h 33m(main st to earlington & back)fast,light, easy, fast hip hurt a little, noon-2+miles- not too good, snow turn to wet slush

weekly total = 68.5-69 miles
o speed, too much snow!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Living in the Past: Jan 8 thru 14, 1978

1/8/78 - sun = 8 miles slow 'cause of ice, wind 35mph 15 d /-10 wind chill, wore panty hose under pants, felt warm
1/9/78 - mon= 12 miles, 11x50y paces, 0temp/-22to-40 wind chill, coldest day ever, felt strong but stiff in knees, pulse 34, weight-156
1/10/78 - tue = 12 miles -2 temp/-11 wind chill, light easy, light & easy, L. achilles a little stiff, stopped a few times to stretch, one little spot/tear, felt good, played in the park, strong all run (high!!)
1/11/78-wed = 16 miles 3 sessions of 3-5-8 felt ok, maybe a little tired
1/12/78 - thu = 9 miles am-2miles(snow-fun)pm-7miles (awful) no traction due to 4" snow broke up on foot plant(slow& disgusting)strained feet,heels,knees
1/13/78 - fri=3miles am (snow,slip'n and slid'n, faster on track for 4 laps,easy,(ate alot)
1/14/78-sat = 17.5miles am-15 in 2h 4m(snow slowed me down but otherwise strong on clear roads,legs light but hip/l.hams tight, also r. posterior muscle/tendon sore
pm- 2.5miles (easy) felt urge to run fast some parts, weight = 158

week totals = 77 miles

Saturday, January 1, 2011

In the Present - 2011-looking ahead

Goals?? do I have goals...I read somewhere that goals are stopping places, its the journey that is important. I certainly enjoy the journey of my every day runs. BUT, as every year lately it would be great to actaully lose weight from current 236 to under 200. The BMI shows me as obese, I should be about 175-179lbs, which would be great.

1. lose weight to 175, and RACE!!
2. enjoy daily runs/walks/hikes....2000 miles total
3. do more hiking trips to KY, land between the lakes
4. spring hiking trip to Great Smoky Mountains
5. summer vacation to ??
6. fall hiking trip to GSM.
7. continue reshaping my left foot with phy. therapy and stretching.

Living in the Past: Jan 1 thru 7, 1978

First, the setting. I was almost 20 y, going to local community college in Madisonville, KY., living at home, no job, with lots of time to run, sleep and eat. My courses were mainly hilly roads, included within 2+ mile runs around very hilly golf course. I weighted 155-159 lbs.

So lets get started:

1/1 sun = 6 miles, easy good run, started w/ midnight 2 mile run, started counting calories to stay under 2400 cal. pulse 42
1/2 mon = 11.5 miles w/ 11x50y paces, easy good workout, felt strong, light headed thought, tired but legs not, paces felt good, w=159
1/3 tue = 11.2 ok w= 158
1/4 wed = 11.2 , felt a little tired, left netartarsal bone on 2nd toe sore, and on top, pule skipped a beat every 7-8 beats after finished, pulse 38, w=155
1/5 thur= 11.5 w/ 11x50y paces, smooth, run flew by quickly, in a trance, paces good, knees caps felt a little loose.
1/6 fri = 4.2 miles pulse 37, w=156
1/7 sat = 15.5 miles at 8:20 pace in 2:09, 1st mile tired but later felt strong, no soreness, inside right ankle felt a little, pulse 39

total miles = 71
.65 miles speedwork