Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly Summary - 7/22 to 7/28/2012

7/22  Sunday - 11 miles/8.8 running - bike path 12m interval runs, then at Fittek the same thing 57@132=1504beats per mile

7/23   Monday - 7.6 miles/ 4 running - AM - hilly route easy nice

7/24  Tuesday - 9 miles/ 4.3 running - AM - cruise interval workout at Fittek ...easy pace 10:40-11:30 first 10 mins and got down to 9:30 pace at end of 45 mins.

7/25    Wednesday - 7.5 miles/ 5.5 running - easy pace but felt tired from yesterday

7/26    Thur - 8 miles/ 5.7 running - decided no tempo, just R/W hilly route + BP

7/27   Friday - 9 miles/ 5.4 running - AM 5 mile trail in 60mins , walking 10 mins PM- 1 mile run in 10:46 on trail

7/28   Saturday - 13.5 miles/ 5.5 running- AM- decided at last min to go do Clinton...was not sure how I would feel but wanted to do something different....started at 5W/10R for 1st half then ran uphills and walked all else 2nd half, saw many people on trail,  trail is very wide now, so dry and nothing growing and no bugs!!!!  2h 22 min @ 131/ 153 max...soaked in sweat...chafe badly.......later did 1000' el gain walk up 15% incline at Fittek

Weekly totals = 65 miles/ 39 running

Another solid week, temp back to just a little above legs feel a little overall tired but this is expected.  It's fun to get the miles in and I know this is basis base building for me.  I'm doing good at keeping my faster running to progressive speed like the Tuesday work out.  I was smart to not push the tempo run on Thursday when I did not feel like  it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Summary - 7/15 to 7/21/2012

7/15    Sunday -  8 miles/  5 running - AM - bike path 7 M - 80-90 deg...brutal heat - tired

7/16   Monday - 6.5 miles/ 3.7 running - hilly route - easy, lots of good walking

7/17  Tuesday -  5.2 miles/ 4.2 running -all AM trail run - very HUMID w/ gregg

7/18  Wednesday - 11 miles/ 6.4 running - AM - bike path loop from home early + 60 m at Fittek in cool AC- nice 1h 38 m total; PM - just walk in 105 heat index

7/19     Thur -  8  miles/ 5.7 running - AM bike path run 1.7M in 18:10 @ 135HR + 2M in 20:13 @ 147HR - felt heat sapped in legs;  PM - almost did not run but did Fittek 2 miles in AC - nice!!!

7/20   Friday - 10.9 miles/ 5.8 running - AM - cooler - 72 deg hily route; PM -4 easy w/ Chris- he was barefoot: later first walk w/ dogs on regular path in a while....they ran fast and happy.

7/21   Saturday - 7 miles/ 4.1 running - HOTTTTTT.  Evening stroll at Hudson, IL trail shady hollow...lots of ticks on us and dogs

Weekly totals = 56  miles/ 36 running

Another hot week, mostly lower 90's to upper 90's....they say that 1988 was a bad drought here, so I should review my log for 1988 and post what I was doing then

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly Summary - 7/8 to 7/14/2012

7/8    Sunday -  10.5 miles/ 3 running -AM - just walking; PM - HUMID w/ gregg tired

7/9    Monday - 10 miles/ 6 running -AM- 5M trail w/ Gregg in 57:17PM - komen loop my run is getting a little faster (Boy, the trail is getting raped of trees...hope the doers are happy)

7/10   Tuesday - 10.3 miles/ 6 running -PM komen 5W/5R

7/11   Wednesday - 7 miles/ 4 running - a little tired today; PM - 1.25M walk at 15% incline for 1000' elev. gain

7/12   Thur - 10.5  miles/ 5.5 running - AM bike path run 1.7M in 17:41 @ 132HR + 2m in 19:32 @ 147HR - surprised was this fast 'cause felt tired, no pep in legs.....PM- Buffalo run - enjoyed just walking and talking with shade anymore at Goat Mt....did run 1.5 M in 15:26@ 142.
Interesting fitness condition with my lowest heart beats per mile of 1371 this morning for 1.7M tempo.  Can it be called a tempo if HR is only 132???.....but my legs/body does not feel like going any harder

NOTE:  Last MRT at Mettler today.

7/13   Friday - 7.5 miles/ 2  running - AM - run about around town - easy 10W/5R;  PM - Fittek 2000' elev gain - 2.5 miles at 15% incline in 60 mins....I think the steep inclines are making the legs have a flat feeling but gives me a strong aerobic workout

7/14   Saturday - 15.1 miles/ 10 running - crazy to do this in the heat, BUT  I only did one hour outside then 1 hour at Fittek in cool AC.  Komen at 6PM at 5W/5R pattern easy then walk dogs 2 miles.

Weekly totals = 70.4 miles/ 36.5 running

Another hot week, mostly upper 80's to low 90's......this is the time of year where I am soaked in sweat after every run, even only 3 miles....oh well, nothing to do but keep going and not worry about pace and know that cooler weather in the fall could produce some good fitness to try a couple trail races.......Hot running can make one feel like they can never run very fast or well.....going to Fittek continues to help me feel better about my actual fitness level.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly Summary - 7/1 to 7/7/2012

7/1    Sunday - 7 miles/ 3.5 running - 98deg

7/2     Monday - 8 miles/ 5 running - 99 deg - Fittek on treadmill - nice and cool

7/3   Tuesday - 9 miles/ 7 running - 100 deg....1st moon run in over 5 years...tired at end

7/4   Wednesday - 4.7 miles/ 3.8 running - 102 deg

7/5   Thur - 9.4  miles/ 6 running - AM bike path run 1.7M   in 18:06  @ 132HR + 2m in  20:06 @ 145HR-good steady state, surprised felt this good

7/6   Friday - 5 miles/ 0 running - AM at Fittek on treadmill walk 3M with 2.5M @ 15% incline = 2000' el. gain, PM - visit Jason/Angella - go to shady hoolow trail in camlara park, nice trail

7/7   Saturday - 5 miles/ 4.1 running -  Fittek on treadmill...good run 4.9 to 6 mph with low HR

Weekly totals = 48 miles/ 29running

An extreme hot week,  hotest since the 1936 year.  I stayed at home  doing home repair/ remodel projects.  My miles were less this week as it was too hot to walk the dogs at night so I did not get my usual 2 miles each evening.  Otis has cabin fever.  Had some great treadmill runs and got alot of good work done at home.  very happy with that and next week looks to be back to normal weather.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mettler Center: Miracles do happen - My road to recovery!!

"This person has many diseases of the foot........"  This was the beginning of my MRI in Nov of 2007.  The many diseases was tendonistis of many ligaments and tendons of the left ankle/foot.  No tears were found.  Lots of swelling.
In summary, I hurt and was in pain for every step of walking and running.  I limped alot.  I've been this way for most of the previous 7-10 years

I went to a foot podistrist:  " runners are like a Tiger, who need  to be put in a cage...", so he put me in a walking boot for 6 weeks, so I gained 15 lbs and my foot still hurt when I got out.  I did not go back to him.

I looked for alterative medicine.  I read about ART, active release therapy.  I found a local chiropraptor who did ART.  After a  few  promising sessions he left town, I left without hope BUT I did not give up.

I remembered Mettler Center had this technique they called MRT  (mettler release technique).  I said I would give them a chance. 

The date was May 27, 2009.  My appointment was with Jeff, there MRT physical therapist.  He asked me my goal of thearapy.  I said to be able to run as pain free as possible and that my passion was running, and I did it every day. He NEVER told be to stop.  So we started with twice weekly one hour sessions.  MRT works by breaking down scar tissue by using hands/fingers/with a sometimes "ballon" type finger cover to grip the skin and break down the adhesives of the fascia layers of skin, like 2 pieces of scotch tape.  MRT breaks the adhesive, all by manual methods.   It hurt, but stopped as soon as he stopped.  It was slow going but Jeff was persistent and I gave him feedback, I keep running, and he kept a positive attitude with me.  What I did not know at the time was I had the worst foot/ankle that he had ever seen.  He later described my entire lower left leg as going from concrete to plaster to leather to actually close to normal moving skin tissue.  I actually felt kind of proud to have the worst foot he ever saw, which was pretty silly thought.

By fall of 2010, progress was very noticable.  I could walk, hike, run at about 75% pain -free which was a major breakthough.  Jeff keep working with me.  The MRT pain was great sometimes but I knew it was worth it and stopped as soon as he stopped.  I started to describe the metal tool he used on my heel bump as the "bloodless knife"  as it felt like a knife was cutting into my achilles tendon where it attached to the heel bone.  He later told me he had never used that metal tool on anyone but me and to this day I am still the only one.  I guess this is telling on how bad my heel was.

All along the foot pain became less and less, not day to day less but month to month or very gradual over time.  Jeff was very patience with me as I continued to run and walk.  I was getting my passion back and by 2011 spring I began to run more and more until I got to 25 miles and about 90% pain free.  It was a miracle and I was very happy and very gratefull.

A major breakthough was the understanding of calf tightness to foot inflexiblity.  Jeff worked tirelessly on stripping my calf muscles apart from each other vertically as I leaned against the wall.  This allowed by foot to flex and move more and take the stress off my insertional tendonitis.  I also began to do my own calf/foot massage at home and during runs.

I started to go from one to two then 3-4 weeks between sessions.  I continued  to get better, so well in fact I could not believe how good.  I even hiked 116 miles of the AT over 7 days with very little pain last fall!!   And I ran 2 races last year.

And that brings me to today, as the past several weeks I have had more pain free runs then I've had in 15 years.  All without drugs  or pain killers.  Mirales can happen, if you believe.

To Jeff and the Mettler Center, words can not express my thanks to you.  You have created a miracle cure for me and given me my passion back.  Yep, these words are NOT adaquate.  How about a million Thank You's!!.  Nope, still not enough.  Well, I guess sometimes words can not describe what one feels so deep inside. 

Jeff, as you leave Champaign for Chicago, all the best to you.  Never change your ways, you are a caring therapist who NEVER told me to adjust my goals of running  (ever when later you confided to me, that you did not know if you could help me because my foot was so bad).   You listened to me.   You NEVER told me  to stop or do less. You just believed in the MRT echnique and I believed in you.

THANK  YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone out there has lost their paasion of running/walking/hiking thru injury, do not give up.  There are people out there to help you, you just have to find them.  I am so lucky and gratefull to have found mine.
Mettler Center

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Summary - 6/24 to 6/30/12

6/24    Sunday - 11.6 miles/ 6.6 running

6/25   Monday - 8.3 miles/ 6 running - rest pulse 41

6/26  Tuesday - 10.35 miles/ 5.1 running - 60 deg in AM - nice - this would the nicest day the rest of the week

6/27   Wednesday - 4.9 miles/ 3.6 running - rest pulse 40!! PM run - too much retirement party food at work

6/28  Thur -  7  miles/ 4.5 running - AM bike path run 2 x 2M   in 20:39 @ 139HR + 19:43 @ 149HR-good steady state, a little tired in legs, be carefull to not push too hard

6/29  Friday - 9.6 miles/ 5 running - hot/humid...tired in PM

6/30   Saturday - 7.1 miles/ 4.6 running -AM -home to trails (hilly route (+380') plus Rose loop = 4.9M) then home   PM- kitchen remodel.starts

Weekly totals = 59 miles/ 35running

An extreme hot week, soaked in sweat all the time, just trying to keep it fun....on Sat I started my at home  vacation doing home repair/ remodel projects.  Jason came to help with installing new kitchen countertops.  worked all day 11am to 6pm then go out to eat so no long day this week.  Next week is forecast as 95 deg each day.  I may just walk alot outside then run inside at fittek, in between home projects.

June month totals = 267 miles/ 152 running
Half year totals = 1263 miles/ 681.4
On pace for 2500 total miles