Thursday, April 21, 2011

Next Goal - 199 lbs before June 11, 2011

Why this goal??

30 in 60 - Day 60 - Thursday- - 22 lbs gone!!!

Day 60- the end of 30 in 60....the beginning of the rest of my life (wow, way too deep)

morning pulse 44, waist 38.5"

6am - bike path, easy W/R 61m w/ gregg, path flooded in low area

breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- cliff bar
6PM- 5 mile trail - buffalo run- 56:16 @ 139 like this: 5W, R40 w/ 1m walk every 10 m, W5,R5,W1:14 to finish 5 miles...first time I finished 5miles under 1 hour using this walk/run pattern...very pleased, max HR was 159..I made a good a few weeks ago to not go over the 162 HR during a moderate to tempo run
ARW = 214lbs!!!!! nice recovery of weight loss
supper- 5oz steak, 1c rice, .5c spag, .5c v-8 w/2oz vemma, p-nut M&M's

Total calories 1700
9.5 miles
117 min
burn 1200 calories

30 in 60 - Day 59 Wednesday

Day 59

morning pulse 41, waist 38.9"

6am - trails , 60 @124/142, felt strong 38 deg/cold, wet
ARMW = 218
breakfast- 2 toast, 2 eggs, 2c milk,choc. scoop
lunch- 2 pizzas, cheese pieces, 2 blondies
PM- tergat loop+ BP, R15, 1 mile in 11:11 @134HR
supper- bacon, rice, spag,1c v-8 w/2oz vemma, p-nut M&M's

Total calories 2700
7 miles
90 min
burn 850 calories

30 in 60 - Day 58 - Tuesday

Day 58

morning pulse 46, waist 39"

6am - storms so went to fittek - 60m@127/152 =4.9M, ran good, legs sore a bit overall
ARMW = 220!! a bit higher than though it would be
breakfast- 2 toast,1.75c milk,1 egg
lunch- nothing
PM-no run, started eating instead, should have run
supper- chicken, 4 toast w/ butter and syrup, 1c v-8 w/2oz vemma

Total calories 2400
4.9 miles
60 min
burn 700 calories

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 in 60 - The Great Smoky Mountains - Day 53 thru 57

Day 53 thru 57 - summary

Note: This is my 3rd hiking trip with friends, where we rent a cabin in Townsend, TN. for 3 nights and hike for 3 or 4 eating is a little more at night than at home because I burn alot of calories hiking, and I ate very little in morning and during the day hikes....had plenty of energy... I do not weight myself or measure myself. Below is a quick summary of each day:

Day 53- Thursday

6am-4.5M on bike path w/ gregg, fastest in long time for me 1.7M in 18:12 & 16:05
ARMW= 218 lb
breakfast-2 toast,1.5c milk,1 egg, 1/2 banana
lunch-cliff bar
supper- chicken sandwich
5pm- no run, leave for smoky mountains via sisters house in KY

Day 54 - Friday

up at 4:30am- leave on the road at 5am, drive 570 miles to Townsend then straight to Clingmans Dome.
Eat at cracker barrel
1:30pm - Clingmans Dome, parking lot almost empty, 43 deg, 40-60mph winds, hiked up to dome observation tower, could not see anything, in a cloud, high wind warning tonight for 70 mph winds, hiked down then 3 miles on AT going west to double springs shelter, 6 or so thru hikers, gregg gave them homemade cookies and they loved it, hiked back in extreme winds, a little sleet, no rain.

About 7.2 miles total, approx 1200' elevation gain.
started in hiking boots but top of foot hurt, so changed to merrell barefoot shoes, foot hurt alot less but was slow walking over some sharp rocks but was fun.

5PM- eat pizza hut in Townsend
Night- winds and heavy rains

Day 55 - Saturday

9am- day hike to Gregory Bald - 4949', rain stopped, drive to cades cove loop at back to visitor center parking lot, had to start at lot as gate to gravel road closed, walked gravel road to TH, up to the bald, a huge grass field, sunny, windy w/ great views of Cades Cove, then hiked over to AT, met 2 thru - hikers, also met 2 ultra runners, one of which was record holder for the fastest 72miles of AT in GSM. Hiked back down to parking lot. nice hike, cool, dry. drive back on loop road, saw 1 bear.

ate peanut butter sandwich for lunch
good energy all day
tough trail, steep 10-15% grade, parts 600'/mile up

total time of 8h 37 min (includes all stops and lunch breaks)
est of 18 miles
total est of elevation gain of 3600'
burned 3670 calories
NB 790

PM- ate steak, bread, chips, nutty bars, peanut butter

Day 56 - Sunday

8:30am - drove to gatlinsburg, roaring fork road, hike up to Mt LeConte 6600' via trillium gap, start at Rainbow Falls,2600', then down rainbow trail, perfect day, sunny, cool, no wind, bonus hike to Brushy Mt. summit, nice views...easier hike then yesterday.

lunch - p-nut butter sandwich on cliff top, great view of clingmans dome

total time of 8h 21 min (includes all stops and lunch breaks)
est of 16.5 miles
total est of elevation gain of 4600'
burned 3327 calories
NB trail minimus

PM - ate in gatlinsburg at texas roadhouse..bbq chicken and fries + nutty bars/peanut butter back at cabin.

Day 57 - Monday

up at 5:30am- clear morning
7am- chestnut top trail- hiked up 15 mins to big rock then run uphill for 30 mins then up/down to end at 4.3M, then back..great run in NB trail minimus

total elevation gain 1700'
8.6 miles in 2h5mins at 126/143 HR

9:15am leave for home , driving 9 hours home, (550 miles) ate 2 big BK triple burgers, donuts , choc milk
exit 87 in richmond KY had LA soda that gregg/ chris wanted so bad.

30 in 60 - Day 52 - Wednesday

Day 52 - Wednesday

morning pulse 45, waist 38.5"

5:50am - 70m on trails...woke up at 2am, headaches
ARMW = 217
breakfast- 2 toast,1.75c milk,1 ban,1 egg
lunch- cliff bar + chinese food
6PM - komen loop 40m at 117....did not feel as good after eating a larger lunch
supper- 4oz chicken,1c rice,.5c spag,1c m&m's, 1c v-8 w/2oz vemma

Total calories 2700
8.5 miles
110 min
burn 1050 calories

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 51 - Tuesday

Day 50 -Tuesday

morning pulse 41, waist 38"

6am - BP out/back 60@118/153 (only 1m over 148HR) 2x 1.7M run in 20:05/17:54
ARMW = 217
breakfast- 2 toast,1.75c milk,1 ban,1 egg
lunch- cliff bar
5:30PM- trails 4M = 47:32 @131/160 max (16:46 in 148-162 range) .5W,.5R then run 2.1M at 4m fast run/1m walk x4 + 1:44 run, then w/r .5M, then .4 W...feel good in legs except not a fast turn over...almost did not run but glad I did
supper- 4oz chicken,1c rice,.5c spag,1c m&m's, 1c v-8 w/2oz vemma

Total calories 1710
8.6 miles
108 min
burn 1050 calories

Monday, April 11, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 50

Day 50

morning pulse 47, waist ??

(up at 2am)5:30am- trails, stomach not good, too much food yesterday,5 miles trail easy but felt not good in stomach
ARMW = 218
breakfast- nothing , give my stomach a break
lunch- egg, toast, milk, banana
2 hour nap - felt better
5PM- still abit off - fittek 60m@123/147=4.8M regular 5W,40R,5W,5R,5W@3.7-4mph walk pace & 5-5.5mph run pace...even feeling not 100% my HR was not much over 140HR
supper- 3 dogs, 1c ric,.5c spag,1bread,1c m&m's, 1c oj w/2oz vemma

Total calories 1980
10.8 miles
143 min
burn 1440 calories

Sunday, April 10, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 49 - Sunday

Day 49- Sunday

morning pulse 47, waist 38.2"

9am- 5 mile trail, 64:32 @123/144 walked 5min at beginning on each mile, then ran 8mins or so to next mile marker, very easy run but got hot
11:30am- bike to fittek, walk, weights, bike home 56 @99hr
pm -nothing but eat pizza and ice cream the rest of the day
sleepy and feel pretty blah, all the calorie felt very sleepy

Total 3330 calories
7 miles
120 min
burn 1000 calories

30 in 60 - Day 49 - Summary of week 7

Summary week 7

Weight = 214 = 22 lbs less than start 7 weeks ago....this weekend was a set back, BUT a reminder of bad eating makes me feel worse...the best feeling is a hunger feeling, not a bloated feeling

exercise - 830 min = 11h 50m
53.5 miles run/walk - (6th week of 50+miles in a row)
408 m of running
8128 calories burn
+56 over 148HR

On friday, sat and sunday I ate what I used too, which is comfort food. back on track for Monday.

30 in 60 - Day 48 - (not good eating)

Day 48- at pekin 50/100 mile race

morning pulse ??, waist ??

4am- up, raining, sleep 5 hours, not great, outside on ground in sleeping bag
6am- race starts, help at aid station until noon
noon- run/walk 1 loop w/ chris in 2:45 includes all stops, getting hot, 80deg
eating- ate alot of junk food after run
6PM - drove chris home after his finish of 50 miles
7pm- ate 2 big burgers at BK, at home ate popcorn and 2oz. vemma
feel not good, sleepy

Total 3000 calories
11.5 miles
200 min
burn 1900 calories

30 in 60 - Day 47

Day 47-easy day

morning pulse 41, waist 38"

6am- Fittek 40 @ 124, very easy run 30m at 131 in merrell barefoot shoes
ARMW = 214
breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 2 pizza slices, 2 zingers
PM - nothing, go to pekin race to help w/ aid station
supper- nothing

Total 2000 calories
30 min
burn 383 calories

Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 46- Buffalo run

Day 46 - Thursday - great day!!

morning pulse 41, waist 38"

6am- bike path w/ gregg out/back .3W+1.7R out+.3W+1.7R back+.5W+.3R/W, good pace , 10m per mile coming in long time, felt very good
ARW = 214
breakfast- 2 toast,1egg,2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 1 cliff bar
5PM- bike 1M to trails, 5Miles=55:33@148av(34m betw. 148-162)@W5m+10R+1W/9Rx4+5W=60@143hr 5miles in LOOOONG time...felt 1M home
supper- 6oz chicken cassorole,1c m&m's, 1c oj w/2oz vemma

Total calories 1800
10.1 miles + bike 2
120 min
burn 1352 calories

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 45

Day 45 - Wednesday

morning pulse 44, waist 38"

6am- bike path/komen 60m@123/140max, run45,walk15, very easy relaxd
ARMW = 216
breakfast- 2 toast,1egg,2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 1 cliff bar
5PM- bike 7m to fittek, walk 5m, run12m/1M easy,16m weights,17mbike s.mahomet rd loop home (1st bike ride=24m for 4.3M)
supper- 5oz porkchops,1c m&m's, 1c oj w/2oz vemma,1c rice,.3c spag sauce

Total calories 1800
5.8 miles + bike 4.3
117 min
burn 991 calories

30 in 60 - Day 44 - Tuesday

Day 44-Tuesday

morning pulse 46, waist 38.5"

6am- bike path 60m@119/153max, run 1.7M out/back w/ walksat start,betw,finish
ARMW = 218....ate toomuch during monday night game
breakfast- 2 toast, 1egg, 2c oj
lunch- 1/2 cliff bar
5PM- Komen+BP 45m = .5M walk, run2.1M w/cruise intervals(4x5m w/1m rest) @4:50 pace for 1/2 mile, W/R/W 15m easy-good workout
supper- 6oz chicken cassorole,1bread,1c m&m's, 2c oj

Total calories 1400
8 miles
105 min
burn 989 calories

Monday, April 4, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 43

Day 43

morning pulse 46, waist 38"

6am- fittek 60m@130hr, run 45@4.7/5/5.3/5.6/5, walk 15@3.7-4, good, 4.8M
ARMW = 216
breakfast- 2 toast, 1egg, 2c oj, 2c milk,1/2 ban
lunch- 1 cliff bar
5PM- 2M Tergat, W.3M on BP to grass then run 1.2M in 13:37@ 132 + .5W easy 145max
supper- 6oz chicken,2bread,chips,2c m&m's,1c oj, popcorn for game

Total calories 2000
6 miles
87 min
burn 880 calories

Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 42 - Sunday

Day 42

morning pulse 45, waist 38.5"

10am- 58 @ 78, very easy relaxing walk around shadow lake at river bends, in merrell barefoot shoes
11:30am- Fittek 61@118/140 max, 5W,20R,20 weights,5W,5R,6W..walk was 3.5 to4.7mph, my run starts at 4.7, which is were I ended 3 months ago, in NB road minimus
breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana,2oz vemma,1/2 cliff bar
5:30PM-komen loop very easy W.5,R2.1,W.5 at 140 max legs light and no aches/pains
supper- 6oz chicken cassorole,1 bread,1c peanut m&m's,2WW cookies,1.5c v-8

Total 1730 calories
9.1 miles
161 min
burn 1225 calories

30 in 60 - Day 42 - Summary of week 6

Summary week 6

Weight = 216!! - 20lbs less than start 6 weeks ago. I feel good. I'm faster. My feet feel good. Did my first 20mile run/walk since March 2007.

exercise - 925min = 15h 25m
65.8 miles run/walk - (5th week of 50+miles in a row)
512m of running
9810 calories burn
+71 over 148HR

The 65 miles is the highest for me in over 4 years. My knee felt good, not even achy feelings which is very good. I have recently thought to myself that I have not even noticed wearing my Merrel barefoot shoes at work, I must be getting used to them even more.

Last night I ate and drank alot to gain back the 8 lbs I lost during the 20 miler. This morning I woke up a little tired after 8+ hours sleep, but quickly felt good.

At Fittek, I did a 61 min workout w/ 5W,20R,20weights,5W,5R,6W. Amazingly the walks were faster than I've ever done, started at 3.7mph and up to 4.5mph, although I could not keep that up for long, but the walking rythem was good. Usually, 3.5 is my confortable walk pace. My runs START at the 4.7mph level I ended with 3 months ago.

I'm on schedule for 30 in 60 (ok, maybe a bit behind) and feeling good.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 41 Saturday

Day 41- Long day run/hike

morning pulse 42, waist 38.75"

8am- planned 2 loops of Clinton Lake 10M trail, 2nd loop with Jason. Its always a nice packed trail a week after the clinton lake 30M ultra, and the weather was perfect, sunny, dry, 35-60deg.
1st loop - just me, 2:18 @134/157max, my best loop in a long time, ran about 6 of the 10 miles (I ran my mile interval run/walk pattern, using 15m/mile pace) by the time of the long side I was only running 4mins out of 15m and walking the rest.
2nd loop- 2:26@144/161 w/Jason, did the basic run flats/downs and walk the uphills. my the last 3.5 miles I was feeling the dehyradtion(only drank 16oz total, but that was by design. Jason took off the last few miles and I walked, slow runned it in.
Total: 4h 44m@139hr av....very pleased, ran NB790/NBtrail minimus...bottom of feet a sore mile 15-20....overall left foot sore inside but not bad at all. should recover quick with food/drink tonight.
ARMW = 210!!!!!! (ok, I know I was a bit dehyrated)
breakfast- nothing
lunch- 3 cans 7-up, peanut-butter sandwich,2c milk, a few chips, a few peanut m&m's
PM - relax watching final four
supper- chicken cassorole,1 bread, popcorn,2 c-chip cookies,

Total 2100 calories
20 miles
284 min
burn 3380 calories

Friday, April 1, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 40

Day 40-easy day

morning pulse 46, waist 38.9"

6am- 50 @ 115, very easy run 30m at 127 relaxed
ARMW = 218
breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 1 cliff bar
PM - nothing- Rest for long hike/run tomorrow
supper- 5oz pork chops,1c rice,.5c spag sauce,1c peanut m&m's, 2oz. vemma w/16oz water.

Total 1700 calories
3.5 miles
50 min
burn 420 calories

30 in 60 - Day 39-Thursday

Day 39-Thursday
morning pulse 44, waist 39"

6am- w/ gregg on BP-59@128,2x1.7M=20:17@136/18:34@148 w/5m walk between...good 161max
ARMW = 218
breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 1 luna bar
5PM- fittek run + weights, W5,R1.6@147=16:37, 1M=10:00pace + weights
supper- 6oz pork chop,.5c corn,1c rice,1c peanut m&m's, 1c v-8

Total 1700 calories
6.7 miles
109 min
burn 1076 calories