Wednesday, March 28, 2012

week 1 - 3rd day Wed. 3-28-12

Chris has a post on his blog....his blog is way better than mine so see his blog for details of our new "pact". (

So after day 3 here is what I am reminded of:

I feel sooooo much better when I eat less, no bloating, no heaviness. I'm already sleeping better, less time waking up, wake up feeling more restfull.

eating more at lunch is not good for me. when I eat less at lunch my evening run/walk is much better.

my basic day of eating is as folows:

breakfast of 400-500 calories
lunch of 200 or so calories
supper of 1000 calories
lots of water with each meal

typical week is about 50 miles of running/walking...mostly 50/50% with 2-3days of a 20 mins weight session for general strength for arms and leg curls and leg extension, add in 100 abs and a few strecthes.

A typical day includes running in the morning with dog walking in evening 4- 12 miles a day.

The next 100 days will be interesting to how chris and I do this....I'm sure he'll be checking on me....and I've already seen him out running/walking alot

New Challenge - Never Give Up - eating/training

So I was running with chris the other day and told him of a proposal I've been thinking of. we each have our issues with running/training.

Mine is eating too much and weighting more than I want/need to run/feel good/be healthy.

His is training enough and going slow enough to not get injured.

so the new challenge is this: for 100 days

Mine is eating 1700 calories a day, running/walking how I feel.

His is running/walking 50 miles a week ALL under heartrate of 150.

this started Monday March 26, 2012....100 days ends on July 4.

I'll report on my progress at least once a week, but after 2 days I already feel better.

My weight is 226 lbs and waist is 41".....if I can do 100 days of 1700 calories and 50 miles a week I could be in the 180's by July 4 and waist of 35" can be done...Never ever give up.

later, jeff

PS: I have some catching up to do on the blog...1) riddlerun results 2) AT hiking trip details