Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall is in the air!!!!????!!!!

Today started early, and not good, 2AM, tossing AND TURNING , COULD NOT SLEEP, 1 12oz coke last night, no run and stuff caused a bad sleep. So being up at 2am, doing email , watching cnbc, then had a dude of a run of 50 mins at the trails...for a change tried 3 x 1/2 mile in 4:56, 5:07, 4:45 with easy run/walk inbetween.

Then had a good day at work.

From 5-6pm at home almost fell asleep but knew I needed to run.
At 6pm I did the komen loop named after kenya legend daniel komen. walked .5 mile, then run 2.1 mile in 22:58 at 137 and felt good. the air was definitely less humid and hot with a nice breeze. WOW, what a nice run. then .5mile walk to finish the 5k, 3.1 mile loop.

So what started as a bad day ended a very nice day. I'm looking forward to the fall, our vacation in the Smoky's, my first multi-day backpacking trip on the AT and nice cooler weather.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Challenge was a "dud"

Well, my new challenge of eating much less and doing 2x a week spped work is not happening.
First, the eating is okay but I'm just not mentally ready. The high heat indexes and the constant sweating is making it hard for me to not eat more to keep strength. excuses I know.
Second, sppedwork. My foot got sore again after my 8x400meter session and hurt the next day during an easy run. that is not good, not fun to run in pain, so I cut back to zero speedwork.

Reflections: I've lost weight when the weather was moderate, in the spring or fall. This morning its in the mid 60's and finally the temp yesterday was below 90, much better. My running paces are okay but thru the years I seem to drift into no mans land as far as pace mile for my easy days. for example here are my paces based on recent 5k of 29:07:

easy run =11:20-11:50.....actual 11:00
recovery = 12:20-12:50....actual 12:00
long=11:20-12:20....about same
Steady = 10:15-10:35.....actual 10:00
Tempo = 9:45-10:15......actual 9:15

So, the last 2 thursdays when I do faster road runs I've cut back on effect to be sure my pace per 2x 1.7 mile tempo runs is actually in the proper range. That has helped. I;ve also done a few runs of continueous running instead of walking a min every 10mins. So now I continue to run, wait for lower temps and try to run smart. 2 weeks until my next 5K.