Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Summary 4/22 to 4/28/12

4/22  Sunday - 14 miles/ 3 running
Boat to Catilina island from long beach....hike up canyon road to herman gulch tr, go up 1204' in 1.6 miles,hike on to lone tree....all in thick cool/damp fog/cloud/mist...back down main dirt road steep ups and downs then last 3 miles down running to paved road down to Avalon tourist easier hike, too bad we had no views of ocean, still fun!!

4/23  Monday - 11.5 miles / 0 running
Hike Rocky Peak Park in same fog as yeaterday but near San Fernado...sandstone rocks all around, area used to be Bob Hope range and home to many movies and MASH

4/24  Tuesday - 2 miles/ 0 home and travel

4/25  Wed - 5.5 miles/  3.6 running
oh well,back at work,no more to say

4/26  Thur - 4.7 miles/ 3.7 running

4/27  Friday - 4 miles/ 3.1 drive to Louisville to surprise Tommy during his marathon

4/28  Sat - 3.5 miles/ 3.5 running/some walking during marathon....the surprise worked...Michelle ran with him at mile 18 then I meet them before mile 23 big hill.  I let them go past me, hiding behind a car, then ran up behind him talking to him.  He was surprised.  He ran strong to the finish line in 5 hours 17 mins for his 62nd marathon/ultra-marathon

Total =  45.2 miles/ 17 running

Weekly summary 4/15 to 4/21/12

4/15  Sunday - 14 miles / 8 running

4/16  Monday - 4 miles/ 1.75 running  w/ 20x1m faster

4/17  Tuesday - 8.5 miles/ 4 running

4/18  Wed - 11.3 miles/ 8.4 running

4/19  Thur - 4.7 miles/ 3.8  fly  to Calif fo hiking trip with Gregg/Chris, stay in San Fernado

4/20  Friday - hike 15.5 miles  up 5864' to Mt.  Baldy via  bear  canyon trail, down baldy bowl and 4.5 miles of road.  hardest hike I've ever done....4200' to 10024' in 6.4miles, averaged  916'per mile vertical..sun/hot/pretty blue  sky,  postholed in snow for 1 hour+ at top, up to our knees!!!.....incrediable, got dehydrated,  heartrate was low, took 5h 12 to go up...9hours 4 min total....super steep down, snow and loose gravel/rocks...slide on butt down on parts- drive to San Clemente

4/21  Sat - 12 miles -walk  on  beach on sand barefoot, then saw dolfhins in ocean...later hike 9 miles in urban San Clemente on city dirt trails, hot/sun.....nice views east of city....steep hills...walked back across town on city streets.

Total miles =  70 miles/  26 running

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly summary 4/8 to 4/14/2012

Pretty solid week for me. With the pack over I relaxed a bit with the rigid eating  Got a  faster run on Thursday with the Buffalo but in the process aggravated my left shin (posterior tiblia??).  I was getting tired the last 3/4 mile and my form broke down a little on the rougher parts of the grass path especially with the slope/cant of the surface not in my left foots favor, but it was hard to slowdown when some friends slower their own run down to bring me home. I'm getting fit aerobically, and my pace per mile is only slowed by aches and pains in my right knee which has been an interesting development.

The below are daily totals in multiple sessions
Sunday - 10.5 miles/ 6.7 running
Monday - 6 miles/ 3.5 runing w/ 13 x 1min run/1 min walk,got faster on runs as went
Tuesday - 11 miles/ 7.3 running....weight 224, waist 40.5"
Wednesday - 7.2 miles/ 3.7 running
Thursday - 10 miles/ 7.1 running (44m for4.05miles in PM-Buffalo) knee pain at all,but l. shin got very sore from uneven/cant surface

Friday - 5 miles/ 2.5 running...easy day...left shin sore from yesterday's pm run

Saturday - 7 miles/ 5.5 running...bikepath out/back + .4M barefoot walk.

Totals: 56.7 miles/ 36.3 running
823 minutes total (13 h 43 mins)
Weight - 223 lbs
waist same as last week

overall a good loss of lbs this week...must continue to think long term.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekly summary 4/1 to 4/7/2012

Pretty good second week. Got more miles in with lots of walking. I've noticed, and common sense tells me, I will not burn as many calories walking as running so my predicted weight loss each week may be closer to 3 lbs. than 4. This is fine as long as I think long term.

The below are daily totals in multiple sessions

Sunday - 13 miles/ 7 running

Monday - 6.1 miles/ 4.4 runing + weights for arms/legs/abs

Tuesday - 8 miles/ 5.5 running....weight 224, waist 40.5"

Wednesday - 8 miles/ 4.5 running + same weights in PM

Thursday - 6.3 miles/ 3.2 easter service
note:eating my larger meal at lunch drags me down in evening, more sluggish...another reminder I've known, but must follow.
Friday - 7 miles/ 3.6 running...2.6 in barefoot shoes +weights in AM.
Saturday - 14 miles/ 8.5 running...12 miles at Allerton while chris did 15miles, nice morning, pretty forest with many colors. l. foot got sore towards end.

Totals: 62.4 miles/ 36.7 running
979 minutes total (16 h 19 mins)
Weight - 223 lbs
waist 40.1"...camedown 1 hole in belt...wearing size 38 pants

great weather...mild and sunny.... lost a couple lbs this week...must think long term.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekly summary 3/25 to 3/31/2012

First week of reduced eating of 1700 calories. After a couple days I felt lots better, then I had 3 nights of less sleep which lead to more tireness w/ less calories but this was to be expected. I am sore from helping to move/work on Jason/Angella new house...tired but fun.

The below are daily totals in multiple sessions

Sunday - 12 miles/ 6.5 running

Monday - 5 miles/ 4 runing + weights for arms/legs/abs

Tuesday - 7 miles/ 3.5 running....weight 226, waist 41"

Wednesday - 10 miles/ 5.5 running + same weights

Thursday - 4.5 miles/ 3.6 running...out late to concert, tired but nice w/ friends

Friday - 2.6 miles/ 2 shoes
work on Jason/Angella new house in PM....up late, tired but fun

Saturday - 0 miles - helpng Jason move/work on house - tired - I think I ate too much today - not at home, no set meals, I did not plan well. This was my first day off in 68 days. Tom is right I must plan the calif. hiking trip for eating.

Totals: 41.1 miles/ 25.1 running
Weight - 225 lbs/ should have been lower but did not run much Friday/Saturday

Overall an okay starting week....must think long term.