Monday, November 21, 2011

Summary of AT hike

Day Mile/Acum Location startELmaxELELgain
M 1 20.6/20.6 Cooper Gap 1715' 3720' 5709'
T 2 18.8/39.4 Neels Gap 2801' 4299' 4970'
W 3 10.9/50.3 Low Gap 3058' 3756' 3267'
TH 4 15.0/65.3 Tray Mt 3170' 4512' 7399'
F 5 15.5/80.8 Plumborchard 4382' 4391' 5983'
SAT 6 19.8/100.6 Carter Gap 2999' 5317' 6829'
SUN 7 15.7/116.3 Winding Stair 4431' 5111' 4406'
Totals 7 days = 116.3 miles (107.5 on AT) 38,563' EL gain
Average elevation gain per mile = 331'

Day 1 - springer approach trail, falls, 600+ steps, passed on water
yelling couple at night, canvas tent, army jeeps, light rain
Day 2 - "hand stand", northern lights, damascus dave, running man, older couple, blood mt, blouders, dark, hostel, pirate, fog, smoker
Day 3 - easy day, the ellis family, grandpa, laughter, snoring, bats, 2 bears in tree, bear hunters, rolling mountains
Day 4 - papa jay, lonestar, wildman, getting the shuttle, rain at night, slipped going down unicoi, rocky mt, tray mt, blue mt, smokers
Day 5 - Bert, drunk, stories, chain smoker, 3 level shelter, good water, kelly knob, knobs are evil steep knuckles, virginia/greg lane doing trail work w/mahomet daughter, pretty morning
Day 6 - Ga/NC state line, bly gap, steep, steep steep!!! old twisted tree, trail angels young couple 1 liter water, standing indian mt, long ups and long downs, sun
Day 7 - Albert mt, scramble to the top, 700' in .3Mile, fire tower, 360 views, smoky mts in the distance, long nice flat sections, ough last climb then down, trail angel Eric, cheese burgers, Gene "Shuttles", stories of German man and more, in car driving home all night, eat, tired.
What a week!!

Daily details to follow.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

(Part 2) Vacation- Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains and on the AT

Part 2 of vacation - Hiking the AT with Tom

Note: Prior to this trip I had only backpacked twice for 1 night each and never multiple days. Tom has done several multi-day hikes and on the AT in Virigina. I was glad to have Tom along, as I would never do this alone.

Sunday 9-18-11
After finishing a very nice 8 days with my wife in the Smoky Mountains it was on to meeting Tom to start our hike in Georgia on the AT. Sunday was a long travel day as Debbie and I drove from Townsend to Kuttawa, KY (300miles) to meet Tom who was driving my car from home to pick me up (280 miles) and head south to Amicalola Falls state park, GA (another 320 miles). Approx miles/time from home to GA was 600 miles/9.5 hours.
We got there at 6:20pm ET and signed in the AT book as section hikers. My trail name was "Guide Boy" (name from my lovely wife) and Tom was "Bison Tom" (what else would he be??) We settled into the Max Epperson shelter on the start of the AT approach trail, which is about 9 miles up to Springer Mt, which is the offical start of the AT. Yes, we had to hike that far before we even started the AT!! Tom got a fire going, it was 65deg and cloudy. We hung our food by rope in a tree. This was day 1 of not shaving, Tom told me you can't shave on a backpack trip. I listened to Tom since he has the backpacking experience. It was 9pm ET when we layed down to sleep. As we layed down Tom asked me if I knew about shelter mice??

Saturday, November 19, 2011

(Part 1) Vacation- Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains and on the AT

From Sept 10 to Sept 26 I was able to spend my vacation hiking in the Smoky Mountains with my wife then hiking part of the Appalachian Trail (AT) in Georgia and North Carolina with a friend Tom. The 2 weeks were a contrast of luxury accomodations the first week to primitive take everthing you need on your back the second week. All in all it was one of the best vacations I've ever had.

I plan to do a 2 part report, Part 1 - 8 days in the Smokies with my wife Debbie then Part 2 - 7 days of section hiking the AT with Tom.

Day 1 - Sat -spent most of day driving 526 miles from home to Townsend
8h 50 min)
2 miles total 350 ' elev gain
5pm - .5 mile up to look rock observation tower then down .5
7:30pm - 1 mile in cades cove on rich mountain trail, getting dark
settled into our cabin for the week.
beautifull in the mountains

Day 2 - Sun - 61 degrees foggy then cleared later 56-62 at c. dome
13.5 total miles 3100' elev gain
8:30am- Run 4.5 miles chestnut top trail out/back 60 mins, first .5 mile is uphill, nice run/walk.
noon - hike 9 miles out/back on the AT at clingman's dome 6h 48total time with stops to look at the beautifull views and to all the people out hiking, meet section hikers, day hikers and the AT ridge runner Doug McFalls, great talking and hiking...a nice day. Saw 4 bear along road driving back.

Day 3 - Mon - 62 - 80 degrees, nice day
10.6 total miles, 2035' elev gain
10:15am - hike Curry Mt. trail to lumber ridge, gradual up and back down.
6h 24 min...a little tired...tomorrow an easier day.

Day 4 - Tue - 56-80 degrees, nice sunny day
8.2 miles total 1584' elev gain
8:20am - run lumber ridge tr at tremont, 2h 1min, 35 mins cont uphill run at start then run back after 4.1 miles, nice run
noon- drove over to fontana lake to kayak and swim- lots of fun...
NOTE: met a thru-hiker going south "hand stand" Tom and I later meet him as he finished his last day on the trail.

Day 5 - Wed - 56-62 degrees
10.8 miles total - 3050' elev gain
8am - hike Mt LeConte via alum cave tr....nice steady hike, 8h 30 min lots of people...saw big bear on trail, it ran away down the mountain...b-u-t-full views all the way up and at the top...this is one of our favorite hikes.

Day 6 - Thur - 62 - rain predicaed today - go to town day.
4.5 miles total - 860' elev gain
8:15am - run chestnut top 60 mins same as Sun...this is my standard running trail because it is accessible from the cabin.

Day 7 - Fri - 52-62 degrees
8.1 miles total 2411' elev gain
10:15am - hike ramsey cascades to big waterfall/cascade...we have done this 3 times before...its a good one...saw a voluntneer who helps maintain this trail 4 times a year. he had a light, a pick and a pack. he lives 90 mins away. if we even lived here, adpting a trail would be great fun. a bear wanted some of the peoples food (chilli) at the top. he was scaried away, then came back but never bothered us or showed aggresive behavior.

Day 8 - Sat - 55-79 degree w/ sun
7miles total hike
10am- hike to Spruce Falls by tremount , steep sections 2010'elev. gain in 2.5 miles
1:30pm- hiked in cades cove part trail to an old cabin and then down sparks road loop

Our Smokey Mountain vacation ended on Sat. Lots of fun with a good varity of trails hiking and running. Amazing every time I come here I feel stronger even after 1 week.

in 8 days totaled 64 miles w/ alot of elev gain. met some neat people.

Next post will cover part 2 of my vacation: Hiking the AT with Tom.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Great Smoky Mountains.....Clinton Lake.....& "Red Ball" Jets

Early tomorrow morning, Debbie and I, head to the great smokey mountains for our vacation. We can't wait to get there. The excitement of driving thru Maryville and looking to the left to see the mountains in background is a great relaxing feeling. We are driving straight thru this year because we only have 7 days this year (Debbie has to work).

We will do daily day hikes of 8-16 miles with day packs. Bears, it appears, are very active this year. We will see. Not sure what mountains we'll climb but for sure Mt. Le Conte again.
After, the mountains I'm going back packing with my friend Tom for 6-7 days on the AT starting in Georgia, maybe going 120+ miles. The next 2 weeks will be great adventure.

This year, maybe I'll even run a little in the mountains.

Last Saturday I ran Clinton Lake 10 mile trail in 1:58:20 my first time under 2 hours since 2-28-2005!! I'm getting in shape, good aerobic shape. My foot is okay, a litle sore when I go faster but as long as I skip the intervals I'm okay. I have been more sore on the in-step, though, and my ankle feels stiff.

I'll call the "Red Ball Jet" syrdrome. Remember those shoes in the sixies?? I knew if I just come have those shoes I could run FAST!! That's the people who wore them said and the TV showed. So I begged my mamma for some "red ball jets" Finally I got them, and I just know I was running faster, I just knew it. Of course, I was not.

In the 1970's frank shorter was the world's top marathon runner, olypmic champ. He wore Tiger jayhawks. I just had to have those shoes. If I did I just knew I could meet my goal of sub 3 hour marathon. I got the shoes and they were light super light, small heel lift, comfortable and could do my long runs of 20 miles at 8 min pace. I just knew I could go from 3:23 to sub 3 with these shoes, if Frank Shorter all 132 lbs could go 2:10, I could go sub 3 at 152 lbs. In the end I could only go 3:07.

Killian Journet is the latest great ultra runner, from Spain, young, light weight, fast, runs light and easy fast uphills and down mountains. his video's on salomon running channel are some of the best I've seen. So, surely its his shoes, the Solomon cx crossmax, a cushion shoes, looks great, supportive on rocks, just what I need to protect my feet and go FAST!! Wait, my feet do not need support and I like light weight, no , no...I need those shoes to protect my feet, look at killian run!! After my first run my feet, hip, ankle hurt in strange places, my in-step was sore, a wierd sore....yes,I was once again victimized by the "red ball jet" syrdrome.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall is in the air!!!!????!!!!

Today started early, and not good, 2AM, tossing AND TURNING , COULD NOT SLEEP, 1 12oz coke last night, no run and stuff caused a bad sleep. So being up at 2am, doing email , watching cnbc, then had a dude of a run of 50 mins at the trails...for a change tried 3 x 1/2 mile in 4:56, 5:07, 4:45 with easy run/walk inbetween.

Then had a good day at work.

From 5-6pm at home almost fell asleep but knew I needed to run.
At 6pm I did the komen loop named after kenya legend daniel komen. walked .5 mile, then run 2.1 mile in 22:58 at 137 and felt good. the air was definitely less humid and hot with a nice breeze. WOW, what a nice run. then .5mile walk to finish the 5k, 3.1 mile loop.

So what started as a bad day ended a very nice day. I'm looking forward to the fall, our vacation in the Smoky's, my first multi-day backpacking trip on the AT and nice cooler weather.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Challenge was a "dud"

Well, my new challenge of eating much less and doing 2x a week spped work is not happening.
First, the eating is okay but I'm just not mentally ready. The high heat indexes and the constant sweating is making it hard for me to not eat more to keep strength. excuses I know.
Second, sppedwork. My foot got sore again after my 8x400meter session and hurt the next day during an easy run. that is not good, not fun to run in pain, so I cut back to zero speedwork.

Reflections: I've lost weight when the weather was moderate, in the spring or fall. This morning its in the mid 60's and finally the temp yesterday was below 90, much better. My running paces are okay but thru the years I seem to drift into no mans land as far as pace mile for my easy days. for example here are my paces based on recent 5k of 29:07:

easy run =11:20-11:50.....actual 11:00
recovery = 12:20-12:50....actual 12:00
long=11:20-12:20....about same
Steady = 10:15-10:35.....actual 10:00
Tempo = 9:45-10:15......actual 9:15

So, the last 2 thursdays when I do faster road runs I've cut back on effect to be sure my pace per 2x 1.7 mile tempo runs is actually in the proper range. That has helped. I;ve also done a few runs of continueous running instead of walking a min every 10mins. So now I continue to run, wait for lower temps and try to run smart. 2 weeks until my next 5K.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 3 and 4 - Hot, Humid and Speedwork

Day 3- Wednesday
Am- only 50 mins...weak and sweating all the time...I've lost too much weight too soon. I may have to eat a bit more.

10-noon- 2 hour walking tour of some of our buildings at work, got weak so I went to eat lunch....sweat alot

PM- no run, went to clinton lake w/ friends. debbie skied, me lie in boat and tubed one time, nice smooth water, but water very warm. feel better.

Day 4- thursday
AM- 60 mins on bike path, run 2 x 1.7miles at 10:15-10:30pace
PM- 60 mins at Fittek warm-up then 8 x 400 meters at 9min pace (2:15) w/ 2 min rest between....felt good...I need to do this outside but decided it was just too hot.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 3- leg speed

Tuesday 7-19 = 8 miles-medium day
HOT, humid sunny day until late when clouds helped, so not as bad
AM- 4.8 mile run/walk at 133/153 in 60 mins, ran less, got weak, tired
PM-2 miles tergat loop, run 1 mile very easy in 12:30@124HR plus stopped at 1.5M to do 10 x100meters in 27-32 seconds, 2 uphill, 2 down, 4 flat, 2 on bike path, all with 90sec walk recovery in between
eating - 1700 calories
legs felt pretty good, ran 90% normal, will see how l. foot feels

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 2 - new challenge

Monnday 7-18 = 6.6 miles-easy day
HOT, humid day up to 93deg heat index, but cloudy, so not as bad
AM- 4.6 mile run/walk at 123/147 in 60 mins
PM-2 miles tergat loop, run 1 mile in 10:47@138/151 max
eating - 1665 calories
a little weak but not as much as yesterday. sweating alot.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 1- new challenge

sunday 7-17
HOT, humid day up to 103 deg heat index
AM- run/walk 5.2 miles mostly walk, a bit more tired, heavy legged than I thought, 75 mins
PM-2 miles trail, run 1 mile in 10:48@138/148 max
eating - 1550 calories
felt weaky but lighter..I have the feeling in my stomach that i'll wake up feeling hunger pains but that'a what I need to feel

New Challenge

Yesterday, I ran a 5k road race for the first time in 8 years (2003). My time was 29:07 (9:22 pace). I ran as hard as I could but could not go any faster. My leg turnover was just slow.
I'm in good shape, fitness wise because my average heartrate was only 158, compared to 171 in 2003. My mile splits were consistent: 9:17@152hr, 9:26@158hr, 9:24@162, then .1Mile in max was 186 at end so that was good.

When I got back I went to Fittek to workout and ran 2 easy miles at 12:30 pace and I felt recovered, then did 20 mins of weights and 100 abs.

This race time was, if honest to myself was about what I thought I would run. Of course I wanted to run 27-28 but my leg speed just is not there.

So what to do now. Here it is: my challenge to myself is to run under 28 mins in 5 weeks at our local Mahomet 5K race on August 20...AND...lose another 20 lbs. I can do this, I have done it before.

Here's my plan:
Eating: daily = 1550 calories every day for 5 weeks
breakfast: 1 egg, 2toastw/butter, 2c milk, 1 banana = 610 calories
lunch: 1 cliff bar = 250 cal
supper: 4oz meat,2c pasta, .5c spag sauce, 1c juice+2oz vemma(liquid vegs), 1 apple = 695 cal

Running: key workouts to increase my speed
week 1 - 8x 400m @2:15 goal pace & 10 x 100meters in 28sec
week 2 - 5 x 800m @ 4:30 pace & 10 x 100m in 28 sec
week 3 - 8 x .1Mile in 48s & 2miles in 17:55 time trial
week 4 - 10 x 100m in 28 sec & 2 x 1 mile in 9:00 pace
week 5 - 5 x .1mile in 48s & 5K goal race

My other days are same as usual, 60mins easy pace w/ walk breaks. I need to take my Thursday runs a little slower. I plan to keep the 2 hour long run on weekends, thou, of course with walking breaks.

All total about 50 miles running/walking.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Training - week summary 7/3 thru 7/9/11

7/3 thru 7/9/11

week totals: 57.8 miles/41.3 run
700mins = 11h 40min
461 mins run
46mins over 148HR= 6.5% overall/10% of running

9am-10miles, clinton lake trail 2:08@141av/157max, 38m over 148hr
7pm- walk 1 mile with dogs

7:15am-6miles home-bikepath out/back 70:30@124/140
4:30pm-3.1 mile komen trail loop 3:53@118/143
7:30pm-walk 1.2miles w/dogs

6am-5.2miles trails 61@125/147
5:30pm-3.3miles at fittek treadmill for speedwork, walk 5m,run 1miles 10:24@124+ 8x1min at 7.1 to 7.7mph pace + weights & abs, 49mins @ 113/150

6am-62.32@129/142 home-komen-home,all run
7.30pm-walk 1 mile w/ dogs, saw 2 fox at high school woods

7/7-thursday=5.1 miles/3.8run
6am-60mins bikepath out/back w/ chris-2x1.7mile tempo runs down to 9:24 pace
pm- nothing, tired

6am-60m@118/137 trail+bike path
7.30pm-walk 1 mile w/ dogs

8am-10.02miles-trails & fittek + 20mins weights & abs
7pm- walk 1mile w/dogs...saw the same 2 fox

very hot/humid summer week

Friday, July 8, 2011

Speedwork - Tuesday July 5, 2011

When healthy, I like a little speedwork, especially short bursts under 200 meters, so I've been doing 8 x 1 min with 1 min walk rest in between for the last few weeks. Today was the following:

6am- 61 mins trail run at 125 av/147 45mins, walk 15 , about 5.2miles. I ran as hard as I wanted. medium effort even though hr does not show it. very wet grass/dew.

5:30pm- at Fittek 49 mins total
warmup walk 5 mins then 1 mile in 10:26 at 124 av hr then
8 x 1 min fast at 7.1mph, 7.2, 7.3,7.4,7.5,7.6,7.7,7.5 all w/ 1 min walk rest at 4mph pace, cooldown 5 mins = 3.3 miles + 20 mins weights & 100 abs.

total = 8.5 miles

Monday, July 4, 2011

Clinton Lake trail and 2011-half year summary

July 3, 2011

Half year summary:

As I finished the last week of June I totaled up 1214 miles so far this year w/ 782 running miles. I am feeling like a runner for the first time in about 5-6 years. I can not relatively pain free.

Clinton Lake trail
On sunday morning I ran this trail with my son Jason. the trail is a tough hily trail but fun and beutiful run around a lake. usually in the summer the trail is over grown and bug infested but this year its being maintained in a nice wide state, so we decided to run it. last april 2 I ran it in 2:18 at 137hr av/157 max. w/ 11mins over 148hr. temp was 35-65 degrees, very nice weather.

This year it was 75-85 degrees w/94 HI(heat index) 70 dew pt. in summary hot/humid. I ran 2:08 in 140hr av/157 max w/ 37mins over my aerobic rate of 148. I walked the first 5mins then ran/walked as I felt. Jason ran the last 3 miles faster ending up under 2 hours.

I was pleased. my heartbeats per mile was 1805. compare this to my times in 2003:
11/27-1:55 at 150 =1718
11/2-1:58 at 143 = 1687
12/14-4:44 at 136 = 1931 (20M)
12/24-4:06 at 137=1685 (20)

I think when fall cooler weather comes along I might be able to go under 2 hours again w/o killing myself....IF??....I can do that and feel good I know I'm getting the point of being in good shape again.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Living in the Present: Weight, Training and Racing??

I confess to not weighting myself in a long time like several weeks. So yesterday, after doing a 2 hours run I weighted. I was surprised to be 209, tied for lowest yet. The previous time was after 20 miles at Clinton Lake back in the spring. I have ate too much junk food/high calories in the last several weeks but overall seem to be holding steady.

I'm now at the point I was when in 2003 I lost 27 lbs to 182 during the UI research study diet. Can I redicate myslef to do that again?? That would take me until August 20.

This area has been going well and I'm now hitting the familar summer heat/humidity conditions that reminds me of how tough summer is on your running.

So far this year is as follows:

week 1=43, 2=40,3=36,4=36
Jan total=162
wk 5=23, 6=28,7=22, 8=42
Feb total=126
wk 9=49, 10=52, 11=52, 12=54
March total = 232
wk 13=66, 14=54, 15=61, 16=62, 17=37
April total =237
May -
wk 18=51, 19=62, 20=53, 21=54
May total = 238
June -
wk 22 = 34, 23 = 38, 24 = 72, 25 = 54

One more week in June and I'm on a solid, for me, 2400 mile year total. This includes my walking. I'm doing about 25-35 miles of running with a high of 50 running.

My run pattern is the same as usual: very easy on M, W, F, easy to medium to tempo on T, TH, Sun with adjustments for a max 2 hours long run/walk on Sat during the hot summer months. This has been good decision. I'm almost at 10 miles for the 2 hours. On Tuesday PM's I've been doing 1min fast runs up to 8min pace x 6-8 of them with 1 min walk rest in between. These have been on the treadmill. My foot has been a bit sore after so I must listen closely. Going fast (for me )is NOT worth the pain in my foot coming back and then not runing. For now I'll keep doing the faster short runs on a week to week basis as my foot goes with a possible alternate workout of half-mile's in 4:40 (9:20 pace)- my estimated 5K race pace.

Actually, I know I'll get faster with no change in running if I continue to lost weight. Losing another 20+ lbs will get me down to consistent sub 10 min miles.

My resting pulse is regularly down in the low 40's(41 this morning). This is down from 48-52 about 6-8months ago.

Future plans and racing:

I plan on a 5K or two this summer. This will tell me where I am in basis fitness. I'll admit that racing a 5K scares me, its a long distance sprint for me.
Later in the Fall, maybe another trail race or two, shorter than marathon distance.
Long range into winter and next year(as long as foot/knee) holds, running the LBL trail marathon in March. Then re-access where I am.

For now, I'm going to enjoy the summer, be consistent and hope I never take for granted painfree running.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mileage...and does it matter??

I love to run, so I run as many miles as my body wants or I feel like. Looking back there has been a few times I've run too much before a marathon maybe not tapering enough. But, overall I've run consistent, moderate miles. I'm not a hard trainer. I run moderate and consistent, maybe thats an influence of the 1970's roots, Bill Rodgers, the Joe Henderson books I read or simply I do what I love to do which is run.

By high mileage standards I've run very few weeks over 100 miles, maybe 3 or 4 times in my life (and one of those was a 100 mile race). My biggest average was about 70 miles a week back in the late 1970's. I think that 70 miles a week is the regular guys 100 miles.

This week I've been off work working at home doing various home projects like installing ceiling fans, lights, fixing roof, yard cleanup etc. I decided I would see if I could average 10 miles a day. I recovered heart wise from Lake Mingo but my legs feel a bit achy and tired so my pace is less but my heart is low. Maybe that is from doing the physical work around the house, going up and down on a stool. Not exactly sure.

Yesterday, in the morning I ran my (lately) usual bike path run of 60 mins with Chris, or more rightly he runs with me as he is much faster. I got up and was tired. I ran okay, my HR was low but my hamstring was tight in left leg. I then worked on the roof for 4 hours and was tired. Physical work is hard. I got done what I wanted but decided I needed to eat abit and 30mins later I was napping on the couch for 1.5 hours.

Later in the afternoon Tom rode his bike from champaign to discuss our backpack trip in Sept. then he asked if I was running the full 5 mile trail at the regular Buffalo run. I was tired and said probably not but after he recovered also, we ran the full 5 miles with walk breaks and I felt pretty good, no hamstring soreness.

So far this week thru 5 days I got 49 miles. Today(Friday) is a recovery day so I go very easy, maybe walk 5 mins every mile.....if today goes well I'll do a few miles tonight then I hope 10-12 on Saturday for 70 miles....but Does it matter??

It matters only if it matters to you, was it fun, was it enjoyable,was it mostly pain free.....I'm a moderate effort long distance runner who loves to run so I do it as much as it matters to me and not one step more.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lake Mingo Trial race - 7.1 miles

Well, I ran my first race of any kind since April 2007, the Lake Mingo Trail race of 7.1 miles.

It was my first race less than an ultra distance since 9/24/2006 (and I speed walked that one). In looking at my log books my last marathon and under race that I actaully raced was Sept 2004 at Wild Wilderness trail 7.6 mile race in 66:23.

I ran 80:20 (11:19 pace) at 158 HR average. I finished 149 of 259. It was fun and just like it was in 2004, you run as fast as you can, using other people around you to push you, pace you or hold you back. There were other "buffalo" who were racing Mingo for the first time in a while. Tom, Duane and Marty....somehow, all three of these guys thought they would start at the back, and that is where I started we took off and within 100 feet stopped as the start narrows quickly. before the first mile there is a big downhill, and with the course slick with mud, in-experienced runners stopped and tip-toed down so we (all 4 of us) went around them and flew/slide down the hill.

Then, it became apparant, these 3 guys, who are all way faster then me, were at least going to run together and all I had to do was try to keep up. We ran steady but the effert did not seem to create very fast mile splits, but then again, this is mingo and it was humid (not hot, thank goodness) and slick mud created interesting up/down hills. We traded back and fore the lead of the pack...and it started to get fun...especially after the 2nd aid station where there seemed to be no one in front or behind us...each of us pushed to keep the other 3 going...every once and awhile we would catch and pass 5.5 miles we finished the trail and started the flater grass/dirt access road then across the dam. At the last aid station, I took a sip of Curt's special whiskey for the first time(oh my, strongest drink I ever touched) I quickly got water on my head and took off. I seemed to get out of the aid stations quickly, so I paced the group to the last grass path until the open field, when Duane, Tom and Marty stepped it up a notch leading me to the finish line.

WOW, that was fun, racing is racing and it felt the same as when I ran 61:10 in 2003.

Jason was at the finish, he ran good, 60:47, 34th overall of about 250, which broke my family record. He seemed pleased. Brandon, his friend from high school, ran 52 mins, 9th overall...he would have run faster if he had not took off so much time since his marathon, but he is learning his long runs can carry you a long way for shorter races.

A few observations:
1. Mingo course is tough, hardest short race I've run.
2. Too many people spent too long at aid stations...even Jason noticed that to me.
3. races are overall slower than they used to 10 years ago, definitely slower than 20-30 years ago.
4. many people in the back of the pack do not know how to go downhills.
5. Racing, when fit, and not over doing it, is fun...I doubt neither of the 4 of us could have run as fast as without it other.

I do not know exactly when my next race will be but I'm thinking its time for a road 5K to see where I'm at...5k's are hard, long distance sprint....for now back to regular running, a refocus on my diet and work.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Racing vs Training

Sat June 11, 2011

Ever since I started running I've had a love/hate relationship with racing. When in good shape I like to race and it brings the best out of me, as I use the other race participants to push me to my best. BUT, on the other hand, sometimes racing would get in the way of good training. What I mean is the tapper before and the rest after keeps me from doing what I love the most, which is to run.

In the last few months as my training got better and better, and losing 25 lbs, as I got in my best shape in 4 years, I began to think about racing again. I knew I did not want to race an ultra or a marathon yet, but a shorter race.

So, today I run the Lake Mingo Trial race of 7.1 miles. I've run it several times in the past, my best being 61 mins in 2003. 2 weeks ago in hot/humid and very wet/muddy conditions I ran 88 mins and felt pretty bad.

Confusion time, I've not under 200lbs, I stopped at about 210lbs but thats ok, as if I truly want to keep losing weight plateau's are healthy and normal. After the race, I'll start another period of 8 weeks weigh lost program to get me thru the summer. We will see.

My plan is to start the race at the back but I may change that at the start...I'll see how my warmup is and go from there. It will be good to see old friends and see how I do. A bonus is my son is also racing for the first time in 7 years, since high school.

After the race I'll get back to miles and with me being off next week to work at home, maybe I'll shot for 10 miles a day????.......but right now, its race time!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Training - Living in the Present - a surprise

Its been awhile since I've posted. Busy at week getting ready for summer. And last week, a little down week mileage wise for me ( 37). My weight and eating habits got a little bad but not "off the wagon" bad so today I run 9.5 miles this morning with gregg/chris AFTER eating a large thin crust pizza last night AFTER only 5 miles yesterday and yard work all day, I was not expecting a good run. I was sore in the back, in the arms, legs, hamstrings.

The plan was a 2 hour run with walking. I hope this becomes a standard weekend long run. Years ago I did lots of 2 hour runs, about 15 miles way back then, now working towards 10 miles. My morning pulse was 41, a surprise after yesterday and 7 hours of sleep.

The run pattern was a standard for me lately. walk 5 mins then run 50 mins w/ a 1min walk every 10 mins, then walk to the end of the 5 mile loop, finished about 58mins. gregg finished a little ahead and chris right by me, having already run 5 miles early. gregg and chris were done so I went on for 62 more mins finishing walking 5 mins each mile running the rest, averaging 13m10s for each mile, finishing with a 6min walk. all in all an okay long run. I sweat but was not dehydrated.

I hope this 2 hour run/walk becomes a summer long weekend session, but covering more and more mileage as I get in shape and my weight continues to come off.

Now to my surprise, I shower then weight myself = 211 lbs!!....this was a surprise because I have ate alot of calories the last 2-3 weeks but I guess I controlled it enough. A continued key is to NOT eat lunch...eating lunch only makes me eat a larger super, not a smaller supper.

I still have 11 lbs to go to make weight for the Lake Mingo Trail run and 5 weeks to do it so it's doable. I'm running faster, having run 1.7miles in 15:32@152hr on thursday AM, so things are getting faster and my foot is doing good, sore yes, but not pain.

miles in April = 237.3
missed 1 day in April
year to date miles = 758.4

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Next Goal - 199 lbs before June 11, 2011

Why this goal??

30 in 60 - Day 60 - Thursday- - 22 lbs gone!!!

Day 60- the end of 30 in 60....the beginning of the rest of my life (wow, way too deep)

morning pulse 44, waist 38.5"

6am - bike path, easy W/R 61m w/ gregg, path flooded in low area

breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- cliff bar
6PM- 5 mile trail - buffalo run- 56:16 @ 139 like this: 5W, R40 w/ 1m walk every 10 m, W5,R5,W1:14 to finish 5 miles...first time I finished 5miles under 1 hour using this walk/run pattern...very pleased, max HR was 159..I made a good a few weeks ago to not go over the 162 HR during a moderate to tempo run
ARW = 214lbs!!!!! nice recovery of weight loss
supper- 5oz steak, 1c rice, .5c spag, .5c v-8 w/2oz vemma, p-nut M&M's

Total calories 1700
9.5 miles
117 min
burn 1200 calories

30 in 60 - Day 59 Wednesday

Day 59

morning pulse 41, waist 38.9"

6am - trails , 60 @124/142, felt strong 38 deg/cold, wet
ARMW = 218
breakfast- 2 toast, 2 eggs, 2c milk,choc. scoop
lunch- 2 pizzas, cheese pieces, 2 blondies
PM- tergat loop+ BP, R15, 1 mile in 11:11 @134HR
supper- bacon, rice, spag,1c v-8 w/2oz vemma, p-nut M&M's

Total calories 2700
7 miles
90 min
burn 850 calories

30 in 60 - Day 58 - Tuesday

Day 58

morning pulse 46, waist 39"

6am - storms so went to fittek - 60m@127/152 =4.9M, ran good, legs sore a bit overall
ARMW = 220!! a bit higher than though it would be
breakfast- 2 toast,1.75c milk,1 egg
lunch- nothing
PM-no run, started eating instead, should have run
supper- chicken, 4 toast w/ butter and syrup, 1c v-8 w/2oz vemma

Total calories 2400
4.9 miles
60 min
burn 700 calories

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 in 60 - The Great Smoky Mountains - Day 53 thru 57

Day 53 thru 57 - summary

Note: This is my 3rd hiking trip with friends, where we rent a cabin in Townsend, TN. for 3 nights and hike for 3 or 4 eating is a little more at night than at home because I burn alot of calories hiking, and I ate very little in morning and during the day hikes....had plenty of energy... I do not weight myself or measure myself. Below is a quick summary of each day:

Day 53- Thursday

6am-4.5M on bike path w/ gregg, fastest in long time for me 1.7M in 18:12 & 16:05
ARMW= 218 lb
breakfast-2 toast,1.5c milk,1 egg, 1/2 banana
lunch-cliff bar
supper- chicken sandwich
5pm- no run, leave for smoky mountains via sisters house in KY

Day 54 - Friday

up at 4:30am- leave on the road at 5am, drive 570 miles to Townsend then straight to Clingmans Dome.
Eat at cracker barrel
1:30pm - Clingmans Dome, parking lot almost empty, 43 deg, 40-60mph winds, hiked up to dome observation tower, could not see anything, in a cloud, high wind warning tonight for 70 mph winds, hiked down then 3 miles on AT going west to double springs shelter, 6 or so thru hikers, gregg gave them homemade cookies and they loved it, hiked back in extreme winds, a little sleet, no rain.

About 7.2 miles total, approx 1200' elevation gain.
started in hiking boots but top of foot hurt, so changed to merrell barefoot shoes, foot hurt alot less but was slow walking over some sharp rocks but was fun.

5PM- eat pizza hut in Townsend
Night- winds and heavy rains

Day 55 - Saturday

9am- day hike to Gregory Bald - 4949', rain stopped, drive to cades cove loop at back to visitor center parking lot, had to start at lot as gate to gravel road closed, walked gravel road to TH, up to the bald, a huge grass field, sunny, windy w/ great views of Cades Cove, then hiked over to AT, met 2 thru - hikers, also met 2 ultra runners, one of which was record holder for the fastest 72miles of AT in GSM. Hiked back down to parking lot. nice hike, cool, dry. drive back on loop road, saw 1 bear.

ate peanut butter sandwich for lunch
good energy all day
tough trail, steep 10-15% grade, parts 600'/mile up

total time of 8h 37 min (includes all stops and lunch breaks)
est of 18 miles
total est of elevation gain of 3600'
burned 3670 calories
NB 790

PM- ate steak, bread, chips, nutty bars, peanut butter

Day 56 - Sunday

8:30am - drove to gatlinsburg, roaring fork road, hike up to Mt LeConte 6600' via trillium gap, start at Rainbow Falls,2600', then down rainbow trail, perfect day, sunny, cool, no wind, bonus hike to Brushy Mt. summit, nice views...easier hike then yesterday.

lunch - p-nut butter sandwich on cliff top, great view of clingmans dome

total time of 8h 21 min (includes all stops and lunch breaks)
est of 16.5 miles
total est of elevation gain of 4600'
burned 3327 calories
NB trail minimus

PM - ate in gatlinsburg at texas roadhouse..bbq chicken and fries + nutty bars/peanut butter back at cabin.

Day 57 - Monday

up at 5:30am- clear morning
7am- chestnut top trail- hiked up 15 mins to big rock then run uphill for 30 mins then up/down to end at 4.3M, then back..great run in NB trail minimus

total elevation gain 1700'
8.6 miles in 2h5mins at 126/143 HR

9:15am leave for home , driving 9 hours home, (550 miles) ate 2 big BK triple burgers, donuts , choc milk
exit 87 in richmond KY had LA soda that gregg/ chris wanted so bad.

30 in 60 - Day 52 - Wednesday

Day 52 - Wednesday

morning pulse 45, waist 38.5"

5:50am - 70m on trails...woke up at 2am, headaches
ARMW = 217
breakfast- 2 toast,1.75c milk,1 ban,1 egg
lunch- cliff bar + chinese food
6PM - komen loop 40m at 117....did not feel as good after eating a larger lunch
supper- 4oz chicken,1c rice,.5c spag,1c m&m's, 1c v-8 w/2oz vemma

Total calories 2700
8.5 miles
110 min
burn 1050 calories

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 51 - Tuesday

Day 50 -Tuesday

morning pulse 41, waist 38"

6am - BP out/back 60@118/153 (only 1m over 148HR) 2x 1.7M run in 20:05/17:54
ARMW = 217
breakfast- 2 toast,1.75c milk,1 ban,1 egg
lunch- cliff bar
5:30PM- trails 4M = 47:32 @131/160 max (16:46 in 148-162 range) .5W,.5R then run 2.1M at 4m fast run/1m walk x4 + 1:44 run, then w/r .5M, then .4 W...feel good in legs except not a fast turn over...almost did not run but glad I did
supper- 4oz chicken,1c rice,.5c spag,1c m&m's, 1c v-8 w/2oz vemma

Total calories 1710
8.6 miles
108 min
burn 1050 calories

Monday, April 11, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 50

Day 50

morning pulse 47, waist ??

(up at 2am)5:30am- trails, stomach not good, too much food yesterday,5 miles trail easy but felt not good in stomach
ARMW = 218
breakfast- nothing , give my stomach a break
lunch- egg, toast, milk, banana
2 hour nap - felt better
5PM- still abit off - fittek 60m@123/147=4.8M regular 5W,40R,5W,5R,5W@3.7-4mph walk pace & 5-5.5mph run pace...even feeling not 100% my HR was not much over 140HR
supper- 3 dogs, 1c ric,.5c spag,1bread,1c m&m's, 1c oj w/2oz vemma

Total calories 1980
10.8 miles
143 min
burn 1440 calories

Sunday, April 10, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 49 - Sunday

Day 49- Sunday

morning pulse 47, waist 38.2"

9am- 5 mile trail, 64:32 @123/144 walked 5min at beginning on each mile, then ran 8mins or so to next mile marker, very easy run but got hot
11:30am- bike to fittek, walk, weights, bike home 56 @99hr
pm -nothing but eat pizza and ice cream the rest of the day
sleepy and feel pretty blah, all the calorie felt very sleepy

Total 3330 calories
7 miles
120 min
burn 1000 calories

30 in 60 - Day 49 - Summary of week 7

Summary week 7

Weight = 214 = 22 lbs less than start 7 weeks ago....this weekend was a set back, BUT a reminder of bad eating makes me feel worse...the best feeling is a hunger feeling, not a bloated feeling

exercise - 830 min = 11h 50m
53.5 miles run/walk - (6th week of 50+miles in a row)
408 m of running
8128 calories burn
+56 over 148HR

On friday, sat and sunday I ate what I used too, which is comfort food. back on track for Monday.

30 in 60 - Day 48 - (not good eating)

Day 48- at pekin 50/100 mile race

morning pulse ??, waist ??

4am- up, raining, sleep 5 hours, not great, outside on ground in sleeping bag
6am- race starts, help at aid station until noon
noon- run/walk 1 loop w/ chris in 2:45 includes all stops, getting hot, 80deg
eating- ate alot of junk food after run
6PM - drove chris home after his finish of 50 miles
7pm- ate 2 big burgers at BK, at home ate popcorn and 2oz. vemma
feel not good, sleepy

Total 3000 calories
11.5 miles
200 min
burn 1900 calories

30 in 60 - Day 47

Day 47-easy day

morning pulse 41, waist 38"

6am- Fittek 40 @ 124, very easy run 30m at 131 in merrell barefoot shoes
ARMW = 214
breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 2 pizza slices, 2 zingers
PM - nothing, go to pekin race to help w/ aid station
supper- nothing

Total 2000 calories
30 min
burn 383 calories

Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 46- Buffalo run

Day 46 - Thursday - great day!!

morning pulse 41, waist 38"

6am- bike path w/ gregg out/back .3W+1.7R out+.3W+1.7R back+.5W+.3R/W, good pace , 10m per mile coming in long time, felt very good
ARW = 214
breakfast- 2 toast,1egg,2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 1 cliff bar
5PM- bike 1M to trails, 5Miles=55:33@148av(34m betw. 148-162)@W5m+10R+1W/9Rx4+5W=60@143hr 5miles in LOOOONG time...felt 1M home
supper- 6oz chicken cassorole,1c m&m's, 1c oj w/2oz vemma

Total calories 1800
10.1 miles + bike 2
120 min
burn 1352 calories

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 45

Day 45 - Wednesday

morning pulse 44, waist 38"

6am- bike path/komen 60m@123/140max, run45,walk15, very easy relaxd
ARMW = 216
breakfast- 2 toast,1egg,2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 1 cliff bar
5PM- bike 7m to fittek, walk 5m, run12m/1M easy,16m weights,17mbike s.mahomet rd loop home (1st bike ride=24m for 4.3M)
supper- 5oz porkchops,1c m&m's, 1c oj w/2oz vemma,1c rice,.3c spag sauce

Total calories 1800
5.8 miles + bike 4.3
117 min
burn 991 calories

30 in 60 - Day 44 - Tuesday

Day 44-Tuesday

morning pulse 46, waist 38.5"

6am- bike path 60m@119/153max, run 1.7M out/back w/ walksat start,betw,finish
ARMW = 218....ate toomuch during monday night game
breakfast- 2 toast, 1egg, 2c oj
lunch- 1/2 cliff bar
5PM- Komen+BP 45m = .5M walk, run2.1M w/cruise intervals(4x5m w/1m rest) @4:50 pace for 1/2 mile, W/R/W 15m easy-good workout
supper- 6oz chicken cassorole,1bread,1c m&m's, 2c oj

Total calories 1400
8 miles
105 min
burn 989 calories

Monday, April 4, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 43

Day 43

morning pulse 46, waist 38"

6am- fittek 60m@130hr, run 45@4.7/5/5.3/5.6/5, walk 15@3.7-4, good, 4.8M
ARMW = 216
breakfast- 2 toast, 1egg, 2c oj, 2c milk,1/2 ban
lunch- 1 cliff bar
5PM- 2M Tergat, W.3M on BP to grass then run 1.2M in 13:37@ 132 + .5W easy 145max
supper- 6oz chicken,2bread,chips,2c m&m's,1c oj, popcorn for game

Total calories 2000
6 miles
87 min
burn 880 calories

Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 42 - Sunday

Day 42

morning pulse 45, waist 38.5"

10am- 58 @ 78, very easy relaxing walk around shadow lake at river bends, in merrell barefoot shoes
11:30am- Fittek 61@118/140 max, 5W,20R,20 weights,5W,5R,6W..walk was 3.5 to4.7mph, my run starts at 4.7, which is were I ended 3 months ago, in NB road minimus
breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana,2oz vemma,1/2 cliff bar
5:30PM-komen loop very easy W.5,R2.1,W.5 at 140 max legs light and no aches/pains
supper- 6oz chicken cassorole,1 bread,1c peanut m&m's,2WW cookies,1.5c v-8

Total 1730 calories
9.1 miles
161 min
burn 1225 calories

30 in 60 - Day 42 - Summary of week 6

Summary week 6

Weight = 216!! - 20lbs less than start 6 weeks ago. I feel good. I'm faster. My feet feel good. Did my first 20mile run/walk since March 2007.

exercise - 925min = 15h 25m
65.8 miles run/walk - (5th week of 50+miles in a row)
512m of running
9810 calories burn
+71 over 148HR

The 65 miles is the highest for me in over 4 years. My knee felt good, not even achy feelings which is very good. I have recently thought to myself that I have not even noticed wearing my Merrel barefoot shoes at work, I must be getting used to them even more.

Last night I ate and drank alot to gain back the 8 lbs I lost during the 20 miler. This morning I woke up a little tired after 8+ hours sleep, but quickly felt good.

At Fittek, I did a 61 min workout w/ 5W,20R,20weights,5W,5R,6W. Amazingly the walks were faster than I've ever done, started at 3.7mph and up to 4.5mph, although I could not keep that up for long, but the walking rythem was good. Usually, 3.5 is my confortable walk pace. My runs START at the 4.7mph level I ended with 3 months ago.

I'm on schedule for 30 in 60 (ok, maybe a bit behind) and feeling good.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 41 Saturday

Day 41- Long day run/hike

morning pulse 42, waist 38.75"

8am- planned 2 loops of Clinton Lake 10M trail, 2nd loop with Jason. Its always a nice packed trail a week after the clinton lake 30M ultra, and the weather was perfect, sunny, dry, 35-60deg.
1st loop - just me, 2:18 @134/157max, my best loop in a long time, ran about 6 of the 10 miles (I ran my mile interval run/walk pattern, using 15m/mile pace) by the time of the long side I was only running 4mins out of 15m and walking the rest.
2nd loop- 2:26@144/161 w/Jason, did the basic run flats/downs and walk the uphills. my the last 3.5 miles I was feeling the dehyradtion(only drank 16oz total, but that was by design. Jason took off the last few miles and I walked, slow runned it in.
Total: 4h 44m@139hr av....very pleased, ran NB790/NBtrail minimus...bottom of feet a sore mile 15-20....overall left foot sore inside but not bad at all. should recover quick with food/drink tonight.
ARMW = 210!!!!!! (ok, I know I was a bit dehyrated)
breakfast- nothing
lunch- 3 cans 7-up, peanut-butter sandwich,2c milk, a few chips, a few peanut m&m's
PM - relax watching final four
supper- chicken cassorole,1 bread, popcorn,2 c-chip cookies,

Total 2100 calories
20 miles
284 min
burn 3380 calories

Friday, April 1, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 40

Day 40-easy day

morning pulse 46, waist 38.9"

6am- 50 @ 115, very easy run 30m at 127 relaxed
ARMW = 218
breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 1 cliff bar
PM - nothing- Rest for long hike/run tomorrow
supper- 5oz pork chops,1c rice,.5c spag sauce,1c peanut m&m's, 2oz. vemma w/16oz water.

Total 1700 calories
3.5 miles
50 min
burn 420 calories

30 in 60 - Day 39-Thursday

Day 39-Thursday
morning pulse 44, waist 39"

6am- w/ gregg on BP-59@128,2x1.7M=20:17@136/18:34@148 w/5m walk between...good 161max
ARMW = 218
breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 1 luna bar
5PM- fittek run + weights, W5,R1.6@147=16:37, 1M=10:00pace + weights
supper- 6oz pork chop,.5c corn,1c rice,1c peanut m&m's, 1c v-8

Total 1700 calories
6.7 miles
109 min
burn 1076 calories

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Training Week - Living in the Present

My "Living in the Past" training weeks post are "30 in 60" has sort of overtaken that...soon I will post a few weeks of "Living in the Past" to match this time of year but now I will lay out what I've been doing the last few weeks/months...actually it is not that much different pattern I've done most of my life.

Typical "perfect" week-now

AM-45-60mins total run W5,R40,W5,R5,W5 at easy pace/effort(60-70% HR, 133-148)
PM-30-60mins same as AM

AM- 60mins total run/walk at increased effort from easy to moderate (60-80% max, 133-162) in mornings I do not force anything so I may never make it to 162.
PM-30-60mins same as AM
I'm learning as I get older that anything over 162HR is only good for Interval sessions. 162HR max seems good for tempo efforts for about 20-30mins total. My probelm has been going more than the 30 mins.

AM-same as Monday
PM-same as Monday or at Fittek -25mins weights/abs(if I do the weights my run/walk is only 15-20mins max as warmup) 45 mins total

AM- same as Monday
PM- Run with the Buffalo's- 4-5miles total(try NOT to go over 162 max during run)includes .5 walk w-up & .5 walk c-dn

AM- 30-40mins very easy W5,R20-30,W5 (max 65%/140HR)
PM-walk 40 mins easy

AM-Long run/walk 8-10 miles, sometimes a 10M+ hike
Late AM-walk 60 mins, dogs = 3 miles
PM- 2-3 miles easy, depends on what else going on.

AM-60mins same as Monday
Noon- Fittek - run + weights + run/walk = 60 mins total
PM-walk dogs 40-60 mins
Late PM-30-60 mins same as Monday

You see alot of walking is included. Over the last few years of injuries and over weightness Ive learned to really enjoy walking and hiking. Also over those same years I've finally joined Debbie at the gym doing a few weights mainly high reps/low weights on the arms and leg weights for by quads (for knees) and glutes.

That's it. It adds up to be alot but as my blog says "jefflovestorun", sometimes a bit too much. I gotten be carefull but that's for another post.

30 in 60 - Day 38 - 217 lbs this morning!!

Day 38
morning pulse 44, waist 39.5"

6am- tanui loop +BP very easy (126-140 max HR)
ARMW = 217!!! this was a pleasant surprise..I know I had been good the last couple days...sometimes my weight has set points then I jump start another reduction cycle, I hope that is what this is.
breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 1 luna bar
5:15PM- komen loop W.5,R2.1 very easy,W.5
supper- 6oz chicken, 1c rice, .5c spag sauce, 1c peanut m&m's, 2c v-8

Total 1700 calories
7.3 miles
102 min
burn 982 calories

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 37

Day 37

morning pulse 44, waist 39"

6am- 47/Bike path course, 4.3 miles out/back, run 3.4@132hr...feels different running on hard surface, must watch the stride and pick up, NB road minimus
ARW = 220
breakfast- 2 toast, 1egg, 2c milk
lunch- 1 luna bar
5:15PM- 4M-komen +BP at med. effert (148-162hr)3.1R@144avhr/160max..this HR range is good for continuous running on med to hard days
supper- 5oz chicken, 1c rice, .5c spag sauce, 1c peanut m&m's, 2c v-8

Total calories 1690
8.3 miles
107 min
burn 1085 calories

Monday, March 28, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 36

Day 36

morning pulse 46, waist 40"

6am- fittek 60m@118hr, run 45@4.3/4.6/4.9/5.2, walk15, real easy
ARMW = 222
breakfast- 1toast, 1egg, 1c v-8, 2c milk
lunch- 1 luna bar
5PM- 4M, komen +BP easy at 148hr max, 3.1R, .9W , real easy
supper- 6oz chicken, 1c rice, .5c spag sauce, 1 apple, 2c v-8

Total calories 1480
8.5 miles
113 min
burn 1155 calories

30 in 60 - Day 35 - Summary of week 5 - Learning and Mistakes

Summary week 5

exercise - 818min = 13h 38m
450m run/54 miles (4th week of 50 miles in a row)
86m above 148hr = 19% of run time

I mentaly told myself it was okay to eat more junk food because I have live in reality and besides it was NCAA basketball time and eating comfort food is OK??

Learning # 1-

What I learned and observed was as soon as I ate the chinese food Friday at lunch my weekend eating went downhill, and no amount of running/walking was going to negate the BAD eating. on Friday night I felt not good, I did not even enjoy the chinese. On sat I got DP pizza and again did not really enjoy it and I felt much worst.

Results: This week my weight stayed the same(at least it did not go up) at 221lb.

Monday, I must refocus and get to eating apples instead of any peanut m&m's.

Learning # 2- hunger pains are okay.

It's amazing, my body can run/walk 50 miles a week on 1600 calories. I have plenty of energy on this eating, but have have many hunger pains. On this diet, I wake up hungry, I go to bed hungry. That seems to be the key, eating less, so I have hunger pains, which is really just my body burning the excess fat I have

My hunger pain/fat burning diet breakdown below:
2 toast w/ butter spread = 250
2c milk = 180
1 egg=70
1 banana=90 = 590 total
1 protein bar = 240 = 830cal total
6 oz chicken=240
1c rice = 180
.5c spag suace=90
2c v-8 =200
1 apple=90 = 1630 total calories
I should be able to lose 4 lbs a week when exercising nearly 2 hours average a day. Well, I will see this next week- week 6

30 in 60 - Day 35 - Sunday

Day 35 - Sunday

morning pulse 44, waist 39.5"

8:30am- allerton trail, figure 8 course w/gregg/chris easy W5/R5-2hours total
Breakfast-4french toast at restraut
ARMW = ??
lunch- DP pizza, pnut m&m's
supper-chicken sw, chips, 2-7-ups
6:30pm-walk dogs a cold fast walk of 40m

Total calories 3500
10.5 miles
160 min
burn 1000 calories

Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 34

Day 34

morning pulse 45, waist 39.5"

9am- fittek 70m-5W, R60@4.3 to 5.5 mph, 5W, good + 20m weights/abs
ARMW = 221.5
breakfast- nothing
12:30pm-walk dogs a cold fast walk of 38m
2PM-fittek 2.5M 1m-12:11, 1M11:46, Wrest, good
supper- pizza,cheesy bread, 1c peanut m&m's

Total calories 2000
10 miles
162 min
burn 1285 calories

30 in 60 - Day 33

Day 33

morning pulse 51, waist 39.5"

6am- tired, very easy 30m@113, run 20m
ARMW = ??
breakfast- 2 toast,2c milk,1 egg
lunch- 1 luna bar+chinese food w/friends
5PM-legs tried easy 40m walk w/dogs
supper- 2 bread, 5oz chicken, afew chips,1c peanut m&m's

Total calories 2800
4.2 miles
70 min
burn 400 calories

Friday, March 25, 2011

Merrell barefoot shoe- tough glove

Taking a break from daily diet and running post to say a few words about the Merrel "Tough Glove" barefoot shoes I've been wearing for about 3 weeks.

I bought them for work, black leather upper with a "0" drop forefoot to heel shoe. In a word they are "comfortable"...By the end of the day they fit your foot like a "glove". I love the feel w/o socks but I wear socks for work. They do take and are taking getting used to. You have to change your normal walk stride from heel to forefoot to a lighter flat foot stride or you will bruise your heels. They make you s..l..o..w..down in walking. You can not walk for long until you figure this out. My feet are getting a nice therapeutic workout thru-out the day...( as a side note: a nice ice water soak in the evenings can help cure those aches and pains real quick)

I've walked a little on grass fields walking our dogs and that feels great. They make a great shoe to transition to "real" barefoot walking. The forefoot is very wide to accommodate a more natural toe spread. I was actually able to wear a 10.5 size instead of a 12 because of this.

Today I ran on the treadmill for the first time in them for 30 mins. They felt GREAT!! Makes me want to get a pair of the "trail" glove for hiking and running.

I talked my wife into getting a pair and she is loving them from the first time she put them on. She also discovered the heel issue as she noticed after a mile into her 2+ mile walk her heel was abit sore.

I, like many people these days, (see my running buddy Chris's blog)
like the barefoot feel and these shoes allow that feel as one transitions down to the ultimate in barefooting, your actual "bare" foot.
I look forward to continuing my left foot rehabilitation as I ran/walk/hike in less and less shoe, and the Merrell is the best I've worn so far.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 32- Thursday

Day 32 -

morning pulse 41, waist 39.25"

6am- easy 40m@118=3M at Fittek
ARW = 221
breakfast- 2 toast,2c milk,1c v-8, 1 egg
lunch- 2 luns bars
6PM-Buffalo .5M walk warm-up then Tanui loop 4M @153 hr av(my leg turn-over is slow)felt sumble along, better than last week, .5M r/w cooldown
supper- 2breadw/peanut butter/jelly,chips,1c peanut m&m's

Total calories 1900
8 miles
108 min
burn 1078 calories

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 31

Day 31

morning pulse 41, waist 39.5"

6am- BP 1.2 to 3.35, back to 1. to 1.2 60m@133/153
ARW = 220
breakfast- 2 toast,2c milk,1 banana, 1 egg
lunch- at noddles small bowl spag.meatballs,cheese
5PM- 35m at fittek, W/R 1.3M,1mile@13min@120
supper- 2 chicken,1 bread,1c peanut m&m's

Total calories 2300
6 miles
95 min
burn 900 calories

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 30

Day 30- Halfway to 60 days

morning pulse 42, waist 39.5"

5:55am- 5M trail,dark,W7,R45,W2,R3,W7 4.7M in 60m@133av
ARW = 222
breakfast- 2 toast,2c milk,1 banana, 2egg beaters
lunch- 1 bar
5PM- tergat loop W5, R13:25 1.25M (.5M in 4:40 surprised that fast), W9 barefoot
supper- 2 chicken, 2c spag/sauce,1c v-8, 1c peanut m&m's

Total calories 1860
7 miles
91 min
burn 952 calories

30 in 60 - Day 29

Day 29

morning pulse 43, waist 40"

6am- komen + BP = 4M=53:35@122/150, W.5/R3.1/W.5
ARW = 222
breakfast- 2 toast,2oj,1 banana, 2egg beaters
lunch- 1 bar
5PM- komen loop 3.1M in 40:48 W.5/R2.1/W.5
supper- 1 chicken, 1c rice, .5c spag sauce,1c v-8, 1c peanut m&m's

Total calories 1600
7.1 miles
94 min
burn 896 calories

30 in 60 - Day 28 - Summary - end of week 4

Summary of week 4

52.6 miles run/walked

Total lbs lost in 4 weeks: 236-221 = 15 lbs, halfway to the 60 day goal. Good especially with the 2 days of bad eating around my b-day

I will need to cut back on junk food to lose the next 15lbs.
I'm running/walking more than I have in years.
My left foot is better and better gradually. My wearing the Merrell barefoot shoe at work seems to be exercising my feet because they are overall a little achy , tired but both are the same.

My Thursday run was fastest run overall in a while, recovered quick.
Heartrate is getting lower.
My Sunday's of 4 sessions is a bit crazy but as long as I keep them easy that are leading to good endurance base without alot of extended stress

30 in 60 - Day 28 - Sunday

Day 28 - Sunday

morning pulse 41, waist 40.5"

8am- 60@130/151, nice/easy/5W,40R,W5,5R,W5
ARW = 221
Breakfast- nothing
11am-fittek - 60@114, run1.3 (11:22pace),walk.7+weights
2pm-river bends w/chris w5/r5 easy 63@129/155
5PM- walk dogs at soccer field, 1 mile in merrell barefoot shoes, nice
supper-1bar, 1 chicken, 1 burger, 2 bread, chips,1c milk,2 pc. cake, ice cream w/ peanut butter

Total calories 1700
12 miles
203 min
burn 2100 calories

Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 27- Saturday

Day 27 - Saturday

morning pulse 45, waist 39.7" surprised

8am- 5 miles trail course 63:27@132/154, nice/easy/5W,R50R,W8:27
ARMW = 224
Breakfast- 2 toast,2 sausage,2c milk
lunch-dog/bread, chips, 1c peanut M&M's
4PM- walk all 3 dogs w/kids 3.5 miles, some barefoot, nice walk
supper-chicken,rice,sauce,rest of b-day cake

Total calories 2700
8.5 miles
130 min
burn 766 calories

30 in 60 - Day 26- Friday

Day 26 - Friday

morning pulse 47, waist 39.8"

6am- 150 conc. bike path 40m out/back, 30run, easy
ARMW = 222
Breakfast- nothing
lunch-1 protein bar
PM- no here for I allowed myself to eat more, spag/meat sauce, texas toast, desert of b-day cake,icecream, then popcorn during UI game

Total calories 3750(this was my normal eating for years)
3 miles
40 min
burn 364 calories

Friday, March 18, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 25 - Run w/ the Buffalo

Day 25

morning pulse 45, waist 40"

6am- bike path loop from home 41:30@124/143, easy
ARMW = 222
Breakfast- 2c milk, 2 toast, 1 egg
lunch-1 protein bar
6 pm - 1st Buffalo Run of the year - warm-up 1 mile of .5walk/.5run + 3.5M hard run 37:27@159 av+ .5M barefoot walk, l.foot a bit sore, lower inside calf/pos.tib, recovered quick...this run was 4mins faster than last year!!
supper -2 bison burgers,2bread, afew chips/wheat thins,1.5c v-8, 1/2 protein bar

Total calories 1710
8.1 miles
102 min
burn 1052 calories

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 24

Day 24

morning pulse 45, waist 40"

6am- komen trail + BP+trails 60@130/153, dark at 6am, slower with headlamp
ARMW = 224
Breakfast- 2c milk, 2 toast, 1 egg
lunch-1 protein bar
5:15pm - north trail walk w/debbie and dogs, felt a bit tired, 41m@76HR, pretty low for a walk
supper - 1c rice, .5c spag sauce, 5oz chicken,1.5c v-8, chips/a few peanut m&m's + energy bar

Total calories 1780
6.7 miles
102 min
burn 680 calories

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 23

Day 23

morning pulse 42, waist 40"

6am- fittek 60 at 127, run45 /3.75M (4.3 to 5.5mph w/ 3x1m@6mph), 15walk..been running in NB road minimus on treadmill..I really like these shoes, cushioned but flat, nice compliment shoe to NB trail minimus
ARMW = 223
Breakfast- 2c milk, 2 toast, 1 egg, 1 banana
lunch-1 protein bar
5:15pm - outside loop trails, w.5M+run1=11:57@129<1541>+.25M, w13min
supper - 1c rice, .5c spag sauce, 6oz chicken,1.5c v-8, 1c peanut m&m's

Note: left foot good. bottom of heel better. Merrell tough gloves are feeling better just walking at work. starting to not notice.

Total calories 1710
7.2 miles
96 min
burn 820 calories

Monday, March 14, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 22 Monday

Day 22

morning pulse 45, waist 40"

6am- fittek 60 at 124, run45 /3.75M (4.3 to 5.5mph)fastest yet, 15walk
ARMW = 223....lost 13 lbs in 3 weeks!!
Breakfast- 2c milk, 2 toast, 1 egg, 1 banana
lunch-1 power bar
5PM- tergat loop trails, w5,r15m = 1.3M, w 7:21
supper - 1c rice, .5c spag sauce, 6oz chicken,1.5c v-8, 1c m&m's

Note: MRT at mettler on lower calf, lower achilles tendon at heel bone

Total calories 1790
6.6 miles
87 min
burn 824 calories

30 in 60 - Day 21 - Summary - end of week 3

Summary of week 3

50.8 miles run/walked

Total lbs lost in 3 weeks: 236-223 = 13 lbs, about 4lbs per week, which is good.

this week stablized my weight.
I got some good solid high energy runs. felt faster at same pace.

Running about 15-20% faster.
foot a little more sore.
knee not as achy.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 21 - Sunday

Day 21 - Sunday

morning pulse 42, waist 40.5"

8am- 5M trail@62:44@133, 5W, 4x9R/1W, 5W + .6 on trail+.4 on BP...felt good, fairly easy.
Breakfast- nothing, not hungry
11:30am- 30m at fittek, bike 15 + 15 weights
2pm- walk 2 miles deb/dogs
3:30pm- river bends 58 @133, R45,W13 start to shadow lake loop/back-nice, fun.
ARW = 225
5pm-supper-2 bison dogs, chips, 1.5c v-8, plus peanut M&M's

observation: my runs have been FULL of energy last few days, indication of initial weight lost followed by weight had 4 workouts before eating 1st meal at 5pm...lots of energy all I must get back to 1700 or less calories to continue weight lost.

Total calories 1200
12.5 miles
205 min
burn 1623 calories

30 in 60 - Day 20

Day 20 - Saturday

morning pulse ??, waist ??

6am- at LBL trail race, hike loop backwards to cheer on the runners w/TR, foot a bit sore...4h 48m stopped/ talked for/with
ARMW = ???
Breakfast- nothing
lunch at applebees at 1:30pm-bacon cheeseburger/fries/ 1 luna bar
PM- drive home, sunny 71.
supper - 2 bison dogs,1.5c v-8, 1 carmel stick

Total calories 1870
12 miles
288 min
burn 1344 calories

30 in 60 - Day 19

Day 19

morning pulse 42!!, waist 40.5"

6am- komen loop trail 42:48@120 easy, relaxed, bottom of foot a bit sore
ARMW = 225
Breakfast- 2c milk, 2 toast, 1egg, sryup
lunch-1 cliff bar
PM- drive down to sisters house w/friends to LBL trail race
supper at cracker barrel- catfish, corn,carrots, macroni/cheese,2 biscuits,small donuts,nutty bar,choc chip cookies,bowl of fritoes.

Note: bottom of left foot abit sore.

Total calories 3000 (est. obviously a slip, did not need the extra snacks but could not stop)
3.1 miles
43 min
burn 344 calories

Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 18

Day 18

morning pulse 46, waist 40.25"

6am- tanui trail 60m@137,45R@144,walk 15,good run, 4.6 miles total with 1m walk every 10mins
ARMW = 225
Breakfast- 2c milk, 2 toast, 1egg, 1c v-8
lunch-1 cliff bar
5:15pm - fittek 36mins 18 run/walk + weights & abs, back stretches
supper - snacked on chips, 2 carmel sticks, 5oz chicken,.5c spag sauce, 1c rice, lots of peanut m&m's

Note: 4th day in Merrell tough glove leather barefoot shoes at work. bottom of left foot abit sore. I'm walkig slower because these shoes do not allow a heel strik

Total calories 2230
6 miles
96 min
burn 850 calories

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 17

Day 17

morning pulse 43, waist 40.5"

6am- fittek 60m@130,run 45@136,walk 15,4mph up to 6mph at end w/10x30s fast/30s easy
ARMW = ??? forgot
Breakfast- 2c milk, 2 toast, 1egg, 1.5c v-8
lunch-1 luna bar
5:15pm - trails- tergat loop, run first 1.5 miles, good
supper - fried chicken,.5c spag sauce, 1c rice, peanut m&m's

Note: 3rd day in Merrell tough glove leather barefoot shoes at work. getting more used to walking in them.

Total calories 1700
6.3 miles
90 min
burn 831 calories

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 16

Day 16

morning pulse 46, waist 40.5"

6am- trails 60m@137, run 45, walk15 - cruising and flowing, nice in legs
ARMW = 225 lbs
Breakfast- 2c milk, 2 toast, 1egg
lunch-1 power bar
5:15pm - rain, no run
supper - fried chicken,.5c mix vegs,.5c apple sauce,salty chips,peanut m&m's

7pm- felt a little blah, bloated, should have ran even if went to fittek

Note: 2nd day in Merrell tough glove leather barefoot shoes at work. I like these shoes. I must go slow, take my time in these shoes.

Total calories 1850
4.5 miles
60 min
burn 617 calories

Monday, March 7, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 15

Day 15

morning pulse 47, waist 40.9"

6am- fittek 60m treadmill @ 130 hr av. 45run/15 walk
ARMW = 225 lbs
Breakfast- 2c milk, 2 toast, 2egg b,1 banana
lunch-1 cliff bar
5:15pm - 2 mile Tergat loop.5walk/1run/.5 walk
supper - burger,chicken,1c rice,.5c spag sauce,.5c v-8,peanut m&m's

Note: first day in Merrell tough glove leather barefoot shoes at work. just like barefoot. I must relearn how to walk. definitely can't walk on heels first.

Total calories 1750
6.4 miles
89 min
burn 785 calories

Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 14 - Summary week 2


Total calories eating = 13,100 -more than last week, had a bad day
exercise time = about 13 hours
miles run/walk = 50.5 w/ 27.2 running

Total lbs lost in 2 weeks: 236-224 = 12 lbs

good second week overall. Breaking 220 in the next week would be great mental breakthru.
had 2 breakdowns, wed night and Sat w/ fast food
Must be carefull to not run too much as to aggravate my left ankle and right knee menisnus.
My exercise is getting easier at same heartrates.
I ate a few apples, but continue to eat m&m's

30 in 60 - Day 14 - Sunday

Day 14- Sunday

morning pulse 43, waist 40.9"

8am- 4M, BP/trails 53 mins., 40run/walk @140hr, relaxed, a light dusting of snow.
10:30am - hiked Clnton lake trail w/ chris/jason, fun, left ankle abit sore, inside posterior tendon, 2:49 @127hr, a little muddy
ARMW = 224
Breakfast @2:30pm- 2c milk, 1.5c v-8, 2 eggs,2 toast, 1 banana + 1 luna bar
4pm- walk 1mile w/debbie, dogs at soccer field
supper - 5oz chicken,1c spag,1/2c sauce, peanut m&m's.

Total calories 1780
15 miles
242 mins
burn 2080 calories

Saturday, March 5, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 13

Day 13- Saturday

morning pulse 44, waist 41"- both good, surprised me but I slept 8.5 hours

8am- fittek, 80m treadmill @ 140 hr av. 65run/15 walk, lots at 5-5.5mph, last 30s at 6mph, good, sweat alot
ARMW = 225 lbs!!- surprise,just shows me again water weight gain/lose for me
Breakfast- 2c milk w/1scoop choc, 1c v-8
11am- hike clear pond trail w/friends, 3 miles, then on to KRR party
lunch-BBQ sandwich and fries + 1 cliff bar...first fast food in 13 days
supper - 3oz chicken,1 ww bread, peanut m&m's

Total calories 1800
10 miles
150 min
burn 1300 calories

30 in 60 - Day 12

Day 12

morning pulse 47, waist 41.5"

6am- fittek, 30m treadmill real easy
ARMW = 231 lbs
Breakfast- 2toast,2 egg, 1.5c milk,1 banana
lunch- 1 cliff bar
5pm - 30m weights - high reps/low weight

supper - 8oz chicken,1c rice,.75c spag sauce,1 apple, 1c v-8, peanut m&m's

Total calories 1760
2.3 miles
60 min
burn 350 calories

Thursday, March 3, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 11 - Thursday

Day 11

morning pulse 48, waist 42"

6am- Trails, 60mins @132/152max, run 48m@140hr
ARMW = 229 lbs - from too much last night
Breakfast- 1 toast,1 egg, 2c milk,1/2 banana
lunch- 1 cliff bar
5:15pm - trails 2.6 mile walk/run 21m easy
Both runs today in NB trail minimus
supper - 6oz chicken,1c rice,.75c spag sauce,1 apple, 1c v-8, peanut m&m's

Total calories 1700
7 miles
97 min
burn 900 calories

30 in 60 - Day 10 - in a RUSH - a bad day

My supper of day 10 was not good but it actually started earlier. I knew I had wanted to go to our local high school basketball game. To do this, eat supper and walk or run some I would have to rush after work. So abruptly at 4:35pm I left work after working 8.5 hours, drove a bit faster home, quickly saw a left over bowl of popcorn from Debbie last night, so thought, yea, I could just eat 2 small sandwiches and popcorn instead of my regular supper...why??...this would save time.

So, I gabbed a couple handfulls of popcorn and went walking the dogs with debbie at the trails. it was sunny day for a change so we decided on the north trail but the wind was stronger than it appeared so it was abit chilly, we walked fast!!, then we decided to take a shortcut over to another trail back to the car..all the while walking I was thinking, was I going to the b-ball game or not....and do I have time to eat, watch some news....etc. etc.

Normally, my evening run/walk is easy and to relax from my day at work, it can be short as 20 mins...but tonight I was in a RUSH.

So, when I'm in a rush, I eat quick and easy stuff, so that is what I did, 2 sandwichs of bread wraped around a bison hotdog, with the rest of popcorn. This was high in salt, so to get that taste out of my mouth I had a few peanut m&m's, then a couple Reeses heart shaped pieces, boy, after not having anything like this they were very sweet, almost sickening....of course, now I had too much of a sugar taste so I topped it off with a couple pieces of bison bacon.

I then sit down intened to NOT go to the game, I felt not I quickly decided I better go to the game so I would not continue to eat.

I went to the game and did not eat anymore before bed but today was a reminder of how rushing around after work trying to do everything, quickly puts me back to "quick" eating and for me , means BAD eating. I must continue to learn to relax, slow down, and eat without rushing.

Tomorrow is a new day to get back on track.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 10

Day 10

morning pulse 47, waist 41.5"

6am- Fittek - 60 mins, 5W, 40R w/10x1mx10% incline w/1m rest/walk, 5W,R5,5W
ARMW = 228 lbs
Breakfast-2 toast,1 egg,1.5c milk, 1c v-8 , 1/2 banana
lunch- 1 cliff bar
5:15pm - trails 1.7 mile walk with dogs, easy
supper - 2 bison meat w/ bread, popcorn, 1c v-8, peanut m&m's, 2 reese's (not a good supper)

Total calories 2300
6 miles
100 min
burn 810 calories

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 9 - Tuesday

Day 9

morning pulse 48, waist 41.5"

6am- trails, 3.7 miles, komen loop , run 3M, good, no flashlight
ARMW = 227 lbs
Breakfast-toast,egg, milk, banana
lunch- 1 luna bar
5:15pm - trails 2 miles, run 1 mile, ran strong/easy
supper - bison meat, rice, spag sauce,bread, 1c v-8,apple, peanut m&m's

Total calories 1800 (too many m&m's)
5.7 miles
79 min
burn 735 cal

Monday, February 28, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 8 - Monday

Day 8

morning pulse 54, waist 41 7/8"

6am- Fittek - 60m @ 133, run 45, walk 15

ARMW= 227lb

breakfast- 1 egg, 1.5 toast, 1 banana,1c v-8, 1.5c milk

lunch- cliff bar

5:15pm-Fittek- 35m @ 111/135, 15 run easy@120hr, 20m weights, high reps low weights

supper- 2 chicken, 1c rice, .75c sg sauce,1c v-8, peanut m&m's.

Total calories 1715
95 min
5.8 miles
820 calories burn

Sunday, February 27, 2011

30 in 60 - Summary week 1


Total calories eating = 12,170
exercise time = 13 h 38 mins (that's alot for me, as a result of better weekend weather)
calories burn by exercise = 7,339
miles run/walk = 50.6

lbs lost: 236-229 = 7 lbs (I know a few lbs are water weight lost and I will not keep up this much actual weight lost)

lbs lost by calulation:
weight 230lb x 15 cal/lb x 7 days = -24,150 cal burn just doing regular stuff, the 15 calories/lb may be too high, just a general figure I read somewhere.
+ -7,339 burn
+12,170 calories eating =
-19,319 calorie deficit / 3500 calorie per lb = 5.5 lbs lost

Very good first week, feel positive.
Must be carefull to not run too much as to injure by left ankle and right knee menisnus.
My exercise is getting easier at same heartrates.
I need to eat 1 apple at night , not so much peanut M&m's.

30 in 60 - Day 7 - Sunday - end of week 1

Day 7 - Sunday

6:30am - morning pulse 48, waist 41 7/8"

8am - hike 10 mile clinton lake trail w/ tom r. in 2h 48 @123hr/160 max, started real easy,last 5 miles faster, ran a litle, felt good, trail good shape, soft but not too muddy. 40 cloudy.

11:30am ate breakfast at farmer city cafe, 2 eggs, 2 toast, 2c oj, water-tasted real good

ARMW after breakfast= 230

2:15pm - 2.5 miles at fittek, 2 miles tempo effert at 22:26/155hr av. 12m@5mph,9:26m@5.5mph, 1m@6mph, walk rest. NB road shoes, felt better in shoes after got going.

ARW = 229 lbs

4pm - 1 luna bar

5pm- 2 chicken, 1c rice, .5 c spag sauce, 2c v-8 juice, peanut m&m's

Total calories = 1790
12.5 miles
3h 24 min
burn 1810 calories

Saturday, February 26, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 6

Day 6

moring pulse 47, waist 42"
8am- fittek 2 hours total, walk 20, run 70, weights/core 30. good, sweat alot.
ARMW- 229 lbs.
breakfast-2 toast w/ butter, 2 egg beaters ,1 c v-8, 1.5c milk
lunch - 1 cliff bar
noon- walk dogs at river bend around shadow lake, nice - 58 mins
5pm- run 1.2 miles in NB road, walk .3 , 21 mins
supper - 6 oz chicken/beef, 1c rice, .5 c spag sauce, 1c v-8, handfull peanut m&m.

Total calories = 1730
3 hr 19 min exercise
11 miles
burn 1700 calories

Friday, February 25, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 5

Day 5

morning pulse 48, waist 42", belt more comfortable

6am- wet snow on ground, go to Fittek, r/w 45 mins, 32 run at 129hr good easy pace, felt good, faster than normal at same effort

ARMW= 232 lbs

breakfast-egg, toast,oj,milk, banana

lunch- 1 luna bar

5pm- no run tonight, run more Sat or Sun

supper- 3 piece roasted chicken, rice, spag sauce, 1 c v-8, 2 handfull peanut m&m.

Total calories = 1755
3.5 miles
45 mins
362 calories

observation: woke up this morning feeling good, I could almost feel my heartrate would be less. I've been staying up later (10pm) and sleeping better (5am), I think because I'm not eating as much and so my digestion is not working as much. running today was noticeably faster as same efforts, and this I know from past diets is a good indicator, its working....I'll know better after this weekend runs and what my weight will be Monday morning.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 4

Day 4

morning pulse 52, sleeping better, back ok

6am - actually ran outside in NB 100, tanui trail loop 4 miles, felt ok 138 hr, walk 5, run 45, walk 6


breakfast- egg, 2 toast, banana, 1.5c milk,1 oj + fiber supplement

lunch- 1 clif bar

5pm- 1st outside run in NB trail minimus -tergat trail loop, 2miles, run 1.7 21mins @141/153...then walk last .3 on bike path..almost did not run, felt good, love the shoes, felt very much like barefoot but protects over rocks. not much mud, ground nice and soft.

supper- 2 fish, 1c rice, 3/4c spag. sauce, 1c v-8 juice, handfull peant m&m's.

1715 calories eating
82 mins
6 miles
844 calories burn

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 3

Day 3

morning pulse of 52, Mon was 50, Tues was 55

6am- Fittek - 60 mins @126/163 max. 45 m run w/ 10x1minx10% incline, 1 min walking rest, 15m walk...tough session, felt a little weak in legs but expected.

ARMW = 233 lbs, waist = 42.5"

breafast- egg, banana, 2 toast, 1.5c milk, 1c oj, fiber supplement mix

lunch- 1 Luna bar...these are good with water

5:10pm- Fittek - 40 mins, 15 walk/run + 25 weights, 10 x 170 lbs on glute machine. back better since stopped back extensions, just doing ab planks

supper-2 fish, 1/2c rice , 1/2c spag. sauce, left-over popcorn(it was there going to waste),handfull m&m's.

Total calories = 1780
5.3 miles
burn 770 calories
100 mins exercise

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 2

Day 2

6am-60 mins on treadmill @ 128/156hr, run 45, walk 15, 542 calories burn.
ARMW = 234 lbs, wasit = 43"

breakfast - 1 banana
2 toast w/ butter
1.5cup milk w/choc
fiber supplement w/ water

lunch- 1 protein bar

5:15pm - Fittek 30 mins run 27/walk 3 at 138 av hr/148max-felt pretty good pace, almost did not go but glad I did, 311 calories.
ran in NB trail minimus both runs, foot/knee good

2 c rice w/1.5 c spag sauce
3 piece fish
handfull m&m's

1700 calories eating
6.3 miles run/walk
853 cal burn
90 mins exercise

observation: at lunch then after felt hungry but strong/light...ran good in pm, reminds me how mch better I felt with eating very little during the day. worked during lunch keeps me busy, drank 2 bottles full of water during day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 1 - Monday

Day 1 - Monday

6am - run/walk 4.5 miles on bike path and grass trais, 63 mins @ 139av hr/158 max
667 calories.
ARMW = 236 lbs.

3 cups milk w/ 2 scoop choc. mix
2 whole wheat toast with butter spread

Lunch- 1 clif bar

5pm - Fittek gym = 35 mins @ 127hr w/ weights run/walk 1.5 miles. 333 cal burn

supper - 1 cup whole wheat rice, 6 oz lean beef, 1.5 cup V-8 fusion
handfull of peanut m&m's

1700 total calories eating
98 mins exercise
burn 1000 calories
6 miles

Bodyweight issues - I'm Obese!!

For the past 30+ years I 've had weight issues.

I'm simply too heavy to run well and race up to my abilities. I first gained about 30 lbs in 1990...I blame myself, the stress of life, 2 young kids, first year as an architect, working a lot, financial stresses, all common things for most people. So, I ate alot, alot of comfort food.

From 1981 to 1989 I was 155 to 165 lbs. I ran 8-10 miles a day.

In 1990, I was reduced to many days of no running....a standard diet was cearal in the morning, then pizza at work, then a big meal at night. My weight was up to 195-200.

For the next 13 years, it stayed about that and my running was consistent about 50 miles a week. Ocassionally, I would lose down to 187-190 in the summer, but quickly go back up to 200 and sometimes higher until I reached 214 in March 2003. I had to do something.

I was able to get in a UI diet study for men. It was a 8 week study and I was in a group that ate 19 servings of food for 1700 calories. I lost 33 lbs down to 182. It was the easier diet I ever did. My waist when from 40" to 34". My chorestrol when from 246 to 165.

Gradually, I gained it back by returning to my huge eating habits. Then, in 2005, I hurt my knee and I had to stop running for awhile, almost 1 1/2 years+. By 2006, I weighted in the 230's and when on a juice fast diet, where I lost 47lbs in 30 days. It was an interesting experience and learned alot about my body. But, again, I slowly returned to my old habits and by weight returned to the 230's, getting as high as get the picture, I have an issue.

So that leads me to now, at 236 lbs, my feet and knees are better than ever, but my health is effected by being this heavy. I want to lose weight, I know how to do it, but it will take a honest full committment that means a lifestyle change forever. Here is what I know I need to do:
1. eat 1700 calories a day of good balanced moderate diet w/ less fat and sugar.
2. no fast food, zero, none...I am addicted to fast food and like an alcholic, I can not eat just one slice of pizza, or one scoop of ice cream or one hamburger, etc, etc.
3. it will take about 2-3 weeks to transition to feeling strong again, so I must endure a weaker time.
4. weight myself every morning.
5. record everything, including pulse while training.
6. burn 800 calories a day on average thru exercise (this has never been a problem)

So this has lead me to 30 in 60 (30lbs in 60 days).....Day 1 was today.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Boston Marathon qualification standards

go to for full details but the boston marathon are giving the fastest runners an early chance to enter, also the standards are getting tougher....for someone who trained and raced to try for BM qualifier in the late 1970's this new standard is great, it returns the race for what it should be a "regular" runners olympics and gives the fastest runners an edge over slower runners in getting in. I never made the qualifer, only ran 3:07 as a 21 year old. My brother made it as a masters running 3:09 at age 40.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Living in the Past: Jan 22 thru Feb 11, 1978

1/22 thru 2/11/78

1/22/78-sun-5Measy, achilles tendon stiff, heel swollen, posterior tendon sore
1/23/78-mon-17-18miles,am-3easy;noon-7-8miles walk/run some;pm-8,tired at first,then felt great, left at/post tendon sore swollen
1/24/78-tue-11M,am-3tired;pm-8M w/4 x half mile+/- fast runs in wet slush 4:20,3:25,2:35,3:40, felt good, distances not right
1/25/78-wed-12M,am-3miles;pm-9M,snow blizzard, great easy,fun,light, no cars anywhere to be seen
1/26/78-thur-11M,am-3mi,windy,-2degrees,-35windchill;pm-8M on icey roads, no cars,esast great run in parts of 2-6'snow drifts,almost no feeling in legs
1/27/78-fri-5m,am-2 easy;pm3easy on icey roads, no cars, zero effort
1/28/78-sat-18miles,am-15miles,2h5min, good strong easy long run;pm-3 easy,hard to believe how easy it was......pulse 42

week totals= 73 miles w/ 2.65miles pace runs

1/29/78-sun-7 M, noon-4 easy, hard to hold back;pm-3miles again strong,light, pulse46
1/30/78-mon-13.5miles,am-2.7M,to school easy ran w/pack;noon-2.7 back home;pm-8M,easy, strong, light wanted to go faster
1/31/78-tue-11.5M,am-3 easy,streets clear;pm8.5M w/2x1/4,4x1/2 in 1:25,1:30,3:00,3:10,3:15,3:00,ran hard, tired at end but good workout

Jan totals = 322 miles, no races, 6.59pace miles = 2% speed...293 days in row.

2/1/78-wed-15miles,am-3miles,easy;noon-4M to school/back,walk some;pm-8M,snow slight tired, a little stiff, pulse 44
2/2/78-thur-12M,am-3M, tired but urge to go fast;pm-9M, ice/slush, easy slow
2/3/78-fri-4M,am-1M easy/rushed;pm-3M tired
2/4/78-sat-17Miles,am-15miles,2h,4min,tired at start,got better as go, last 5M fast strong,no tightness;pm-2miles fast,easy - feel in great shape.

week totals= 80 miles 2.8 miles pace = 3.5% miles as speed
2/5/78-sun-7M,am-2 easy;pm-5 easy, left ankle sore
2/6/78-mon-8miles,am-3 tired;pm-5 easy, slow no zip
2/7/78-tue-16miles,am-8miles, easy strong, l. ankle sore, slipping/slidin';pm-8M-great run w/ 5x1/2(-) in 2:45, 3:30,2:45, 2:40,2:35, 2x1/4 in 1:28,1:30, ankle ok
2/8/78-wed-9M,am-3 easy, new shoes;pm-6M easy, thighs abit sore
2/9/78-thur-17M,am-9miles(76mins)easy;pm-8M (68mins) tired at start to easy at end
2/10/78-fri-4M,am-2;pm-2 easy but blah!! today, don't have it today, pulse 47 in am
2/11/78-sat-20M in am,2h 43mins, felt super easy, strong, knees a bit stiff, this run surprised me how easy it was. planned 17 but felt good so kept going.

week total= 81 miles 3.2 pace

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Living in the Past: Jan 15 thru 21, 1978

1/15 thru 1/21/1978

1/15/78 - Sun = 5 miles easy, 1/4 mile in 1:40 on ice, l. ham tight
1/16/78 - Mon = 11-12 miles, am-3miles (snowing, hard to run) snow harder mid-day. pm-8miles (park-1 foot snow!!) hard running but fun, felt great, aches in feet, 85 mins- 7" new snow, pulse 37
1/17/78 - Tue = 12 M, am 3 milessnow, sleet, 14" of snow total,slush too, pm-9miles, ice, hard slush, easy, no tireness felt like 5 min run instead of 78 mins, ran in street
1/18/78 - Wed = 9 miles, am 3 miles(felt like running in sand, feet twist aroud/slide, pm-6 miles easy, hard to run, cut run short
1/19/78-Thu =11 miles,am-57mins, 7 miles, main st. clear road fast some parts,pm-4 miles easy
1/20/78 - Fri= 6.5 miles, am-2 (fair, felt tired, maybe lazy,pm-4-4.5 ( ran on main st. clear, fast some felt good
1/21/78 - Sat = 14 miles, am 11-12 miles, 1h 33m(main st to earlington & back)fast,light, easy, fast hip hurt a little, noon-2+miles- not too good, snow turn to wet slush

weekly total = 68.5-69 miles
o speed, too much snow!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Living in the Past: Jan 8 thru 14, 1978

1/8/78 - sun = 8 miles slow 'cause of ice, wind 35mph 15 d /-10 wind chill, wore panty hose under pants, felt warm
1/9/78 - mon= 12 miles, 11x50y paces, 0temp/-22to-40 wind chill, coldest day ever, felt strong but stiff in knees, pulse 34, weight-156
1/10/78 - tue = 12 miles -2 temp/-11 wind chill, light easy, light & easy, L. achilles a little stiff, stopped a few times to stretch, one little spot/tear, felt good, played in the park, strong all run (high!!)
1/11/78-wed = 16 miles 3 sessions of 3-5-8 felt ok, maybe a little tired
1/12/78 - thu = 9 miles am-2miles(snow-fun)pm-7miles (awful) no traction due to 4" snow broke up on foot plant(slow& disgusting)strained feet,heels,knees
1/13/78 - fri=3miles am (snow,slip'n and slid'n, faster on track for 4 laps,easy,(ate alot)
1/14/78-sat = 17.5miles am-15 in 2h 4m(snow slowed me down but otherwise strong on clear roads,legs light but hip/l.hams tight, also r. posterior muscle/tendon sore
pm- 2.5miles (easy) felt urge to run fast some parts, weight = 158

week totals = 77 miles

Saturday, January 1, 2011

In the Present - 2011-looking ahead

Goals?? do I have goals...I read somewhere that goals are stopping places, its the journey that is important. I certainly enjoy the journey of my every day runs. BUT, as every year lately it would be great to actaully lose weight from current 236 to under 200. The BMI shows me as obese, I should be about 175-179lbs, which would be great.

1. lose weight to 175, and RACE!!
2. enjoy daily runs/walks/hikes....2000 miles total
3. do more hiking trips to KY, land between the lakes
4. spring hiking trip to Great Smoky Mountains
5. summer vacation to ??
6. fall hiking trip to GSM.
7. continue reshaping my left foot with phy. therapy and stretching.

Living in the Past: Jan 1 thru 7, 1978

First, the setting. I was almost 20 y, going to local community college in Madisonville, KY., living at home, no job, with lots of time to run, sleep and eat. My courses were mainly hilly roads, included within 2+ mile runs around very hilly golf course. I weighted 155-159 lbs.

So lets get started:

1/1 sun = 6 miles, easy good run, started w/ midnight 2 mile run, started counting calories to stay under 2400 cal. pulse 42
1/2 mon = 11.5 miles w/ 11x50y paces, easy good workout, felt strong, light headed thought, tired but legs not, paces felt good, w=159
1/3 tue = 11.2 ok w= 158
1/4 wed = 11.2 , felt a little tired, left netartarsal bone on 2nd toe sore, and on top, pule skipped a beat every 7-8 beats after finished, pulse 38, w=155
1/5 thur= 11.5 w/ 11x50y paces, smooth, run flew by quickly, in a trance, paces good, knees caps felt a little loose.
1/6 fri = 4.2 miles pulse 37, w=156
1/7 sat = 15.5 miles at 8:20 pace in 2:09, 1st mile tired but later felt strong, no soreness, inside right ankle felt a little, pulse 39

total miles = 71
.65 miles speedwork