Sunday, May 8, 2011

Training - Living in the Present - a surprise

Its been awhile since I've posted. Busy at week getting ready for summer. And last week, a little down week mileage wise for me ( 37). My weight and eating habits got a little bad but not "off the wagon" bad so today I run 9.5 miles this morning with gregg/chris AFTER eating a large thin crust pizza last night AFTER only 5 miles yesterday and yard work all day, I was not expecting a good run. I was sore in the back, in the arms, legs, hamstrings.

The plan was a 2 hour run with walking. I hope this becomes a standard weekend long run. Years ago I did lots of 2 hour runs, about 15 miles way back then, now working towards 10 miles. My morning pulse was 41, a surprise after yesterday and 7 hours of sleep.

The run pattern was a standard for me lately. walk 5 mins then run 50 mins w/ a 1min walk every 10 mins, then walk to the end of the 5 mile loop, finished about 58mins. gregg finished a little ahead and chris right by me, having already run 5 miles early. gregg and chris were done so I went on for 62 more mins finishing walking 5 mins each mile running the rest, averaging 13m10s for each mile, finishing with a 6min walk. all in all an okay long run. I sweat but was not dehydrated.

I hope this 2 hour run/walk becomes a summer long weekend session, but covering more and more mileage as I get in shape and my weight continues to come off.

Now to my surprise, I shower then weight myself = 211 lbs!!....this was a surprise because I have ate alot of calories the last 2-3 weeks but I guess I controlled it enough. A continued key is to NOT eat lunch...eating lunch only makes me eat a larger super, not a smaller supper.

I still have 11 lbs to go to make weight for the Lake Mingo Trail run and 5 weeks to do it so it's doable. I'm running faster, having run 1.7miles in 15:32@152hr on thursday AM, so things are getting faster and my foot is doing good, sore yes, but not pain.

miles in April = 237.3
missed 1 day in April
year to date miles = 758.4