Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Looking back

Boy, blogging is not easy if the idea is to do it consistently.  While I keep a daily log book with mountains of detailed data, doing it by a blog is harder for me.

So, as a new year begins I thought I'd do a catch up post for 2013.  In a later post, I'll post a few thoughts of 2014.

April - I still was not recovered from the LBL marathon in March and with my daughters wedding, April took on a different priority.  Just regular running for 179 miles.

May - started the month w/ a hiking trip to the Smoky Mts with Tom R and Tom R.  Hiked to Rocky top in nice sunshine, then alum cave to mt. leconte in high winds/fog/cold, then gregory bald in winds/rain/fog. Interesting but fun.  Passed 90,000 life time miles during the trip.
After/during the trip I got a case of plantar fascitis which took a month to recover enough to run.  Only 105 miles for may.

June - in early June went w/ gregg to calif. to run shadow of the giants 50K.  I had not run in a month but had already paid for everything and it was a fun trip seeing the tall big trees and Yosemite.  boy it was hot.  the 50K was fun, I hiked 98% of the time and the PF pain never got worst.  finished in 9h 8 mins for close to last place.  2 days later we hiked 12.8 miles up/dn Mt. Baldy in 3h56m up/down in 3h40m w/ 6000' accent...very tough and very fun...great views!!  Nice trip thanks to gregg and his family in calif.
After this trip I started back running and have continued to run since w/ only minor PF pain.  A night splint helped greatly.  For June 155.5 miles.

July - started more serious training for the 8 hr howl at the moon in August.  240 miles total

August - 33.5 miles at howl.  I guess okay but was shooting for 36+.  It was hot/dew pt 70 and I gave in to lots of walking late.  I had not done howl for 7 years so it was fun seeing past runners.  I plan to come back next year.  Total for month was 227 miles.

Sept - 276 miles.  This included our annual 2 week vacation hiking in the Smoky Mts. with Debbie.  lots of fun as usual.  Covered 153 miles in the 2 weeks.  Debbie hiked 80 miles.

Oct - 242 miles. started adding a few workouts into the running like 2 x 2M tempo runs, fartlek of 10 x 1min fast, 4 x 1/2 miles at 5K pace.  At end of month I race Allerton 5.75 mile trail race at 9.50 in 56:33 (161hr/177max) about 2+ mins faster than last year.  I was pleased.

Nov - 164 miles. Ran 30mile(50K?) McNotAgain ultra in Pekin.  I forgot how tough the 10 mile loop is.  very pretty sunny day.  ran/walked 7h 31m, about what I thought.....was not last, many people DNF'd.  Started 100 day winter running streak on Thanksgiving day as challenge by fellow runner/ long distance hiker Matt H.  This goes to March 8, 2014

Dec - 206 miles.  A little more planning into my schedule with hard workouts every 3-4 days, trying to read/learn more about R.Canova training ideas of elite runners.  Ended the month still streaking.

Total miles for 2013 = 2450
Lifetime miles = 91, 608

Overall a good year.  My left ankle/insertional achilles injury stayed away as I got regular deep muscle massages which is keeping my calf/foot muscles.  I am forever grateful to Mettler Center for getting my left foot back to where running is not painful.