Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 - Year in review

2014 - Year In Review

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2502 miles
missed 20 days
averaged 7.25 miles per days that I ran

94,110 miles in lifetime....on pace for 100,000 miles by 4/1/2017 (age will be 59)

Injury free!!!....Amazing....Thank you Mettler Center!!!!

8 races:
LBL 14.9 mile trail - snow, hard going
Mt. Goat 10K road - hills!! but fun
Shamrock Shuffle 8K road , chicago, fast
Lake Mingo 7.1 mile trail, fun
Moline 1 mile, hot, ran hard, was numb at end
Moline 6K, hot, 90 mins after 1 mile, hard
Howl at the Moon 8 hour  (34 miles) cramps, ok, should have done more
Tunnel Hill 50 mile, flat rails to trails, 1st 50 miler in 10 years.

My brother, Tommy, passed away.  I miss him.  Life is short.
Training harder doing both tempo and speedwork.  Ended up over trained with too much hard in spring, early summer.
In the fall became a volunteer cross country assistant coach.  Lots of fun.
In general training was the same with trying for a 80/20 split on easy/hard running. Continue to learn better training methods.
Always enjoying every day with the opportunity to run that is a privilege that I do not take for granted.
Weight continues too high but I do not seem to have the desire/motivation to eat less.
No RiddleRun in 2014.  It was a decision I made.
Debbie and I had a GREAT vacation hiking in the Smoky s, me 160 miles, her 80 miles.

2015 - Continued learning

I'm fine tuning my training, after reading the book "80/20".

This means:

1-maintain high total volume.  I love this anyway so this is easy to do.  Hike more this winter, along the Sangamon River.  Need to get outside after getting home from work.
2-the low intensity is recovery of 115-130 up to 144 heart rate (HR) for easy runs. This will be the key.  Base running will be closer to 90% low while more specific training will be 80% low.
3-the other 10-20% will be moderate (tempo up to 162 HR) + some faster VO2max and sprint/hill work.
4-when calculating the faster moderate/high intensity running I will count the recovery time between the faster running to help from over training.

Weekly guide for this year:
Sunday - am- long run,  pm- walk
Monday - am - easy,  pm - uphill walk + gym
Tuesday - am - tempo running,  pm - easy recovery
Wednesday - am - easy,  pm - uphill walk + gym
Thursday - am - easy,  pm - easy recovery
Friday - am - speedwork, pm - as I feel
Saturday - am - recovery,  pm - easy

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  1. Post from Mr. Riddle??? Amazing. Hope you have an injury-free and satisfying year of running in 2015.