Friday, December 31, 2010

In the Present - 2010

Finished my last run of 2010 this morning at Fittek on the treadmill. I can't believe I actually sort of like the treadmill now....more on that another time.

I really had no goals in 2010 except my loose "hopes" of:
1. lose weight down to 200 lbs., then race.
2. keep working on my left foot injury, trying to run smoother and with less pain.
3. be consistent and try for 2000 miles overall walking and running, without it stopping #2 above. As year went on, I wanted to get 1000 miles of running.

I made a decision a few years ago to not race unless I weighted under 200 lbs and I've kept that promise, which of course means I do not weigh anywhere close to 200 lbs. I weghted 236 yeasterday, my waist is about 43". I'm 52y9m old.

In 2003 I lost 32lbs in 8 weeks by eating a balanced diet of 1700 cal as part of a diet study at the local college. I felt great, my waist was 34". I've not been able to duplicate that since.

Anyway, my milage totals for 2010 and lifetime:

2050 miles............lifetime miles = 84,013
1008 runing miles
no races
no running streaks
little speedwork until the last 4 weeks.
lots of hiking...more on the hiking trips with later posts.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Living in the Past: Dec 1977-week 4

12/25 thru 12/31/77

12/25 - Sun = 5 miles pulse 38, thighs tight on downhills
12/26 - mon = 9 miles (9.2 really) 4 miles in morningin 26mins, felt strong, thighs slightly tight, feet a little sore after
12/27 - tue = 9 miles ok
12/28 - wed = 9 miles
12/29 - thur = 9 miles, 11x50y paces, felt strong, light, hams tight even after stretching
12/30 - fri = 4.5 miles last .6 fast
12/31 - sat = 14.5 miles 2h (8:16pace), 1st miles bad, last easy, left foot netatarsal bones sore

week total= 60 miles

yearly totals:
longest training run = 20 miles
shortest run = 3 miles
racing miles = 78.7
missed days = 16 days
days run in a row = 262
av. miles per day = 8.7miles
1977 total miles = 3052

4/2/77 marathon = 3:19:33
7/10/77 10miles = 69:10
9/10/77 7 miles = 44:29
10/8/77 15K = 60:30
11/13/77 marathon = 3:23

personal stats:
weight 155, 6'
age 19y 9 months

Note: this ends the posts from 1977 giving my training background before 1978.
For 1978 the intend is to post a week at a time from 1978 as 2011 goes on. I ended up running some good races for me including a 3:10 marathon in Nov. 1978.
Hope this log serves as an electronic record of my running for my kids and any others that like to run, showing what can be done with consistent running.

I guess I should also post some of my present running and stats to compare.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Living in the Past: Dec 1977-week 3

12/18 thru 12/24/77

12/18-sun = 5.2 miles at 42:15, short strides, smooth, hip tight
12/19- mon = 9 miles , rough, not smooth, pounding ground, why? l. posterior tibula tendon very sore, r. hip very sore over bone...11x50y sprints
12/20 - tue = 9 miles smoother but still felt rough, glands felt swollen under jaw
12/21 - wed = 9 miles smoother than yesterday, easy but felt tired some, no tightness in hips
12/22 - thur = 9 miles w/ 11x50y sprints, 6 miles in grampin hills, steep, good workout, sprints felt fast & strong
12/23 - fri = 5 miles easy knees a little stiff
12/24 - sat = 14 miles 1h 55m, felt strong, 10m in 81.5 easy , stopped 3 times

total = 60 miles

Note: the 3 weeks posted so far were pretty basic for me, I'm pretty sure the 9 mile days were mostly doubles, though, I did not list it that way in my log this point in my running life I knew I was addicted to running and my running streak was a direct result of reading of ron hill and mark covert who had longgg streaks going and I think still do.....I doubt I'll keep a long streak going if I have major injury issues but it is a way to keep up consistent running. I've always told my kids and any of their friends that consistency over time is the only way to long distance running success and if you love to run like I do running every day is easy....I've always felt myself lucky to have something I look forward to every day, no matter how bad your day has been, I have my daily run to lift me up.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Living in the Past: Dec 1977-week 2

12/11 thru 12/17/77

12/11-sun = 20miles, 3h 10m, ran all over town, hips did not hurt, shins hurt later, smooth run
12/12 - mon =5miles hams. tight, pulse 40
12/13 - tue = 3 miles, hams not as tight, r. ankle sore, shins better
12/14 - wed = 16 miles in 3 sessions of 3-7-6, forced pace on 7 miles, 6 miler easy fast loose
12/15 - thur = 10 miles , (6miles at 48:50), ran fast, wonder if more than 6
12/16 - fri = 8 miles, slow but easy, 5x50y sprints at end, shin lower 1/3 over tiblua bone sore
12/17 - sat = 8 miles (6 miles at 47:30) fast easy, smooth, outside of both hips a little sore

week total = 70 miles

Monday, December 27, 2010

Living in the Past: Dec 1977-week 1

3 weeks after running 3:23 marathon on Nov 13, 1977

12/4 thru 12/10/77
12/4 sun = 14 miles, left hip a little sore, overall fair run
12/5 mon = 6 miles easy, muscles loose, 8x50y sprints at end, pulse 38, weight 155
12/6 tue = 11.2 miles in 4 sessions, left hip sore
12/7 wed = 9 miles with last mile fartlek
12/8 thur = 8 miles good, easy, left hip, left front shin sore
12/9 fri = 9 miles felt good, easy, r. hip sore, beginning to gain strenght
12/10 sat = 3 miles , 2m at 15min + 4 int of 82 to 88s

week total = 60 miles
year to date miles = 2862 miles
241 days running in a row of at least 1 mile

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I admit I'm a mileage hog...I've track my miles most of my life, so here is an update of this year and lifetime

2010 = thru today 12/25/10 = 2013/984 running goal as the year went on was 2000 total and 1000 running, so I'm on track for that.

on Jan. 1, 2011 I should have 84,000 total miles.

I am able to post again because I recovered my password. I guess in reality I've been a littlr lazy. so maybe I'll get going on posting on my past training and some of the current.

Mileage...I grew up in the 1970's when mileage was king, all the top runners ran high mileage. recently been reviewing bill rodgers logs from 1973 to 1976, when he ran twice a day, trying at first for 100miles then 140 miles.

I also like to read the anton krupicka blog on his weekly runs/miles.