Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 42 - Sunday

Day 42

morning pulse 45, waist 38.5"

10am- 58 @ 78, very easy relaxing walk around shadow lake at river bends, in merrell barefoot shoes
11:30am- Fittek 61@118/140 max, 5W,20R,20 weights,5W,5R,6W..walk was 3.5 to4.7mph, my run starts at 4.7, which is were I ended 3 months ago, in NB road minimus
breakfast- 2 toast, 1 egg, 2c milk, 1/2 banana,2oz vemma,1/2 cliff bar
5:30PM-komen loop very easy W.5,R2.1,W.5 at 140 max legs light and no aches/pains
supper- 6oz chicken cassorole,1 bread,1c peanut m&m's,2WW cookies,1.5c v-8

Total 1730 calories
9.1 miles
161 min
burn 1225 calories


  1. Hey Jeff,

    Still haven't figured out why I can't post w/Firefox.

    You have an amazing resume! I too started running around age 14, but dropped it when I went to college to learn how to get a beer belly.

    You are very dedicated person with the 30 in 60. I wish I had half your driving force. I would be totally starved on those net calories each day.

    Hope to be seeing you on the trail going in the same direction soon.

  2. Hi Ed, I see you ran a great Clinton. I plan to be at Heavens Gate aid station, so I'll see you there.
    If I can keep this up I may be ready to race in June ...and maybe, maybe an Ultra in the Fall.

    I do not know about the dedicaion part, all I know is to never give up and to keep trying. If I can get my weight down to 180 or less, then I have to rededicate myself to keep it there.

    My best races were as a young 21 year old, the 50 mile road was running the KY 50 miler from Frankfort capital steps to Louisville on hwy 60 with my brother Tommy. Th winner ran in the 6 hour range...pretty fast.

    Thanks for the nice words.