Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 in 60 - Day 46- Buffalo run

Day 46 - Thursday - great day!!

morning pulse 41, waist 38"

6am- bike path w/ gregg out/back .3W+1.7R out+.3W+1.7R back+.5W+.3R/W, good pace , 10m per mile coming in long time, felt very good
ARW = 214
breakfast- 2 toast,1egg,2c milk, 1/2 banana
lunch- 1 cliff bar
5PM- bike 1M to trails, 5Miles=55:33@148av(34m betw. 148-162)@W5m+10R+1W/9Rx4+5W=60@143hr 5miles in LOOOONG time...felt 1M home
supper- 6oz chicken cassorole,1c m&m's, 1c oj w/2oz vemma

Total calories 1800
10.1 miles + bike 2
120 min
burn 1352 calories


  1. Start swimming and you'll be a top notch triathlete!

  2. swim???...only if my life depended on it....and the way I swim my life would be over if I had to go more than 100's looking more and more like less rain for the weekend. Pat is picking me up this evening for Pekin...see you about 7:12am saturday at heavens gate.